NoNameTags is a plugin that will allow developers to completely hide a players nametag.

Why use NoNameTags?

Other plugins will force the player to sneak, set the name an almost blank string so that the nametag is "mostly" hidden, but with this plugin, the nametag, black box and name, will be completely hidden. Another thing is you don't need any extra plugins to use this, such as TagAPI.

How to use NoNameTags

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There are only two methods you need to know to start using this plugin. Once you've added NoNameTags to your build path, you can call "NoNameTags.showTag(Player)" and NoNameTags.hideTag(Player)". The first method will display the players name tag if it is hidden and the second will hide the players name tag if it is visible.

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Some plugins you use may use this to hide player's nametags, so you'll just have to download this and add it into your plugins folder.


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