This plugin is great for PvP servers who want to add extra stealth while playing. It removes name tags, however, it keeps a tiny box above the player's head. Currently, having no nametag will reset your skin to "Steve", another Minecraft limitation I can't break.

How do I use this?

Simply download the latest file and put it in your plugins folder. To give a player permission to alter the visibility of their nametag, simply give them the permission nonametag.use and they will have access to the /nnt toggle command. Giving players the nonametag.use.others permission will allow them to toggle the visibility of other players' nametags.

Do I need any other plugin to use this?

Yes. This plugin requires TagAPI to function. Download it here!

Will this break any of my other plugins?

Not that I am aware of. If you find that it does, please PM me on BukkitDev/Bukkit Forums, or add a comment below!

How do I use the config.yml?

See configuration.

Planned features:

  • Hovering over another player will toggle their nametag.
  • More advanced configuration file (please post ideas in the comments!)
  • Whatever else you guys want!


View the source on GitHub.

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