This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


No more server loaded assault bots.


This plugin allows us to virtually complete elimination of bots by constantly expanding list of blocked IP addresses and nick base. During the attack, you can run it in 4 modes of sensitivity. When the run level of protection for critical blocks 7/8 traffic generated by players and bots

Commands/Permissions :

  • /Nmb accept - Accepts start blocking anti-bot | Permission: nmb.accept
  • /Nmb ignore - Ignore detected bots ... | Permissions: nmb.ignore
  • /Nmb accept <level> - Accepts launch locks on the selected level |Permission: nmb.accept,lvl
  • /Nmb ADDN nickname - Adds a nickname to the blacklist and is sent to the main base nicks and checked by moderators ... | Permission: nmb.addnick
  • /Nmb addIP <IP> - The same as above , but adds the IP ... | Permissions: nmb.addip
  • /Nmb setlvl <level> - Sets the default level of protection | Permission: nmb.deflvl

Permission for all commands: nmb.admin

Description of protection:

Description of protection: Protection lies in the fact That the normal operation of the plug-in connections are blocked nicks and IP from the blacklist when a strong attack mode starts odżucania rejects calls on the Appropriate number of calls generated by the players and bots depending on the mode, there are 4 modes, low, medium, high, the critical mode is critical dropped 7/8 traffic at high 5/8 while the medium 3/8 and at low 1/8;)


#Here you set the default security level you can select 4 levels of low, medium, high, critical.
dprotect: EASY

#The message that is to be displayed when running protection if he refuses to call for the player and/or bot
kickmsg: 'Your login attempt was rejected because it was detected that you are a bot or ocher launched anti overload'

#The default logon rejection message if the plugin detects an IP bot.
ipkickmsg: 'IP detected a bot if you think this is an error please contact your administrator.'

#The default message if the plugin detects a bot nickname.
nckickmsg: 'Detected nickname bot, if you think this is a mistake please report it to the administrator.'

If I made a linguistic error correct me . ;) I'm sorry but I do not know the English language very well .


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