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Assigned to _ForgeUser7105870
  • _ForgeUser9026436 created this issue Jul 19, 2014

    Hello it is not nesseserely a problem but more like a request. I am using a old beta 1.7.3 version (CB 1060) and we have some memory issues. I guess is that everything that the server gets in memory is not unloaded so it causes problems like crashes and all.

    My question is would it be possible to write us something like a memory cleaner or if that is even possible downgrade nolagg to 1.7.3 beta (CB 1060).

    07:51:07 [INFO] Maximum memory: 5,461 MB
    07:51:07 [INFO] Free memory: 2,147 MB
    07:51:07 [INFO] Allocated memory: 4,040 MB
    07:51:07 [INFO] World "world": 17478chunks,656entities
    07:51:07 [INFO] Nether "world_nether": 920chunks,78entities
    As you can see here chunks are not unloading if they are not in use by a player.

    So what I would need is something that could clear server's memory so it dosen't stack up. So I am asking for some help in hope of getting some.

  • _ForgeUser9026436 added the tags New Other Jul 19, 2014

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