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  • _ForgeUser8835736 created this issue Sep 8, 2013

    Hey, I hope someone has an idea for me. I try to find the reason, why my server has a low TPS sometimes.

    It's just a small server, so I thought it would be a good idea to use NoLagg and use these cool features like autosaving and better chunksending. On some days everything is perfect, but on others the TPS is always between 8 and 16, even when there are few players.

    Please have a quick look at my examination files and my config and tell me if you have an advice.

    Thank you!

    Using: CB-1.5.2-R1.0 with NoLagg 1.90.0 and BKCommonLib 1.52

    I tried to increase the 'autoSaveInterval', 'writeDataInterval' and decrase 'autoSaveBatchSize'. Then I tried to increase/decrease the maxRate of chunksending, but normally it's not higher than 10.

    Some technical information: It's my own rootserver and craftbukkit is running on a virtual xen dom. At the moment of examination the other doms have been idle. But maybe the hard disk is too slow? I will try a ramdisk soon.

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    <p>Some (auto)examinations</p>

  • _ForgeUser7105870 posted a comment Sep 22, 2013

    Looking at the logs, it is clear that chunk sending is the issue here. Know, chunk loading is done on another thread, and chunks are not generated, so clearly it has to do with entity sending to players. This is a known performance issue in MC. The best way to solve this is by either limiting the amount of entities on the server, or by preventing a lot of entities to be near one another.

    For example, if anyone has a farm somewhere with a lot of entities in one place, this alone is likely to cause this.

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    I already looked for the chunk sending, but I'm sure, that this is not the problem.

    It took me some time, but I think it's a villager farm (and a corresponding bug).

    If you are interested in this:

    I placed a lot of torches around this farm, at the moment everything is fine.

    Maybe there is a possibility that NoLagg examines the time that the rest of the main thread takes, so problems of the main thread could be found easier? Additionally sometimes it could be helpful to have a graph of the tps in the background of the examine report.

    Just a few ideas :)

    Thanks again. Keep it up!

    EDIT: I found out, that the lag only appears at night, so an other feature would be to see the time of the different worlds, when the examine was created.

    Edited Sep 26, 2013

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