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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


Requires BKCommonLiv v1.50+ Go to the BKCommonLib dev-bukkit page


NoLagg uses BKCommonLib for all implementation-specific calls. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will work on all future versions. There is no risk of world corruption or damages, as long as you make sure you ALWAYS update BKCommonLib to the correct version first. At least then you will see correct errors if compatibility with NoLagg breaks, and you know when to update.

In general, NoLagg will keep functioning on all future Bukkit builds. It depends on what BKC is able to support whether this stays this way.


  • Rewritten lighting fixer to be more efficient, consume less memory and provide better results in general
  • World lighting fixing no longer causes memory issues
  • Added support for Spigot in NoLagg chunks
  • Now disables buffered chunk sending when a plugin is found to be incompatible with it
  • Rewritten and improved several things to use methods in BKCommonLib
  • Added /lag resend command - also resends all entities around a player (to fix or check for glitched entities)

For a full Changelog, click here.

Notice: If you get a 'main thread taking too long' warning message and stack trace, and it shows NoLagg as a probable cause, report it to me. I want to ban out all lengthy tasks and spread the load over multiple ticks where possible.

For any other possible thread locking problems, read the stack trace that is reported. Common causes:

  • Someone using WorldEdit to edit a huge part of a world
  • Someone causing a lot of chunk loads
  • Plugin reading from a flatfile or database on the main thread (common bug!)