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    Sep 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R0.1


Click here to see Changelog.

This file is zipped in a .zip file, use an archive extracting tool to open it.

You need CraftBukkit build for (MC 1.3.2 R0.1) for this to work, otherwise be careful and make a server backup beforehand.

Other than a massive rewrite to make it function in one jar properly, it also fixes some bugs. (most related the spawn limiter and item buffer) The examine reader is significantly improved to allow two separate hierarchical views. (new: view all events and tasks) Also improved the description field to have a proper selection and right-click menu, plus some other minor GUI fixes.

The chunk unload delay had to be removed. It proved to be impossible to delay unloads without killing the tick rate (looping through 4K chunks), so I had to remove it. The small disk read gain you would get is not enough to make it useful.

All features are in one jar file again, DO remove the separate components you had installed before! You can enable and disable the components in the config.yml file.

  • 1.83 -> 1.84: Fixes several bugs in the spawn limiter and item buffer (entity listening bugs)
  • 1.84 -> 1.85: Added dynamic view distance and chunk loading, fixed some of the reported bugs/errors
  • 1.85 -> 1.86: Added view distance read-out and on/off setting in configuration, and some small error preventions
  • 1.86 -> 1.87: Compatibility update for 1.3.1 and Orebfuscator, plus fixes related to the chunks component
  • 1.87 -> 1.87.2: Several bugfixes (lighting and blocks not updating)
  • 1.87.2 -> 1.87.4: Bugfixes...bugfixes everywhere
  • 1.87.4 -> 1.87.5: Added extract feature in the reader, also some (you guessed it) bugfixes.
  • 1.87.5 -> 1.88: Compatibility fixes for CB 1.3.2 R0.1
  • 1.88 -> 1.88.1: Fixed NPE in examiner and improved thread (lock) notifier
  • 1.88.1 -> 1.88.2: Fixed items not properly updating in item buffer/stacker and a minor tweak in the chunk sending bit
  • 1.88.2 -> 1.88.3: Fixed chunk hole at [0, 0], fixed auto saving tick lag and random error, and some general bugfixes

Uses BKCommonLIb v1.24

None at this point

Notice: If you get a 'main thread taking too long' warning message and stack trace, and it shows NoLagg as a probable cause, report it to me. I want to ban out all lengthy tasks and spread the load over multiple ticks where possible.