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    Feb 19, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4


Click here to see Changelog.

This file is zipped in a .zip file, use an archive extracting tool to open it.

You need CraftBukkit build #1938 (MC 1.1 RB 4) for this to work, otherwise be careful and make a server backup beforehand.

Note: The examine command in this version does NOT work with builds below 1938 (RB 3), if you use a build lower than that, use 1.65 instead to examine the server.

Using the tool I found that the unload event took pretty long to be processed. May need fixing (although 0.3 / tick is pretty low, on highly populated servers it may become 20 ms, and then it is a problem) This version does fix this slightly, but it is still not the desired performance.