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    Sep 11, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0



  • Added custom furnace/workbench support! (Check page for more info)
  • Fixed NoWear message being wrong
  • Fixed missing All-items permission check for potion drinking
  • Fix being able to shift click to equip armor (1.3+)
  • Added permission for players to keep, or delete items on death
  • Fix permissions checking for items with data values even when it is not needed
  • Re-wrote permissions handler (for the 3rd time now?)
  • Fix a bug allowing players to bypass NoHold
  • Add noitem.noopen.<item>.<data> permission to prevent the opening of things.
  • Add option to disable update checking in config. (Just for you @H31IX ;) )
  • Removed [NI] from the beginnings of PLAYER messages, not ADMIN messages.
  • With 1.3.1 and possibly 1.3.2, there is a visual bug with armor being equipped. It will appear that they have the armor on (at least to them) but it is just "ghost" armor and should have no real affect. Also, it will disappear when clicked on.
  • In Tekkit for Minecraft 1.2.5, the EnderChest does not fire an event when placed for some reason, for this reason, NoOpen will not work with it.