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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0



  • Change in how data values are handled - Check permissions documentation for information
  • Fix an issue where nohold could be bypassed
  • Fix not working for some Tekkit items
  • Major rewrite of much of the plugin
  • Removed option for blocking crafting and potions in config list. Must use permissions now.
  • Added nobreak and noplace as seperate features of nouse
  • now does not require vault to get item names
  • now supports all item names in permissions as defined by any Material enum, to lower case with underscores removed.
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Lots of optimization
  • Removed unneeded log entries on start and shutdown. Nobody like plugins that spam console messages.
  • Change delay until item can be picked up again after a player who is not allowed to pick the item up from 10 to 5 seconds
  • Fix double prefix issue in console
  • Fix an NPE being thrown when a custom item is checked
  • Reworked permissions handler to be smaller and overall better.
  • Add metrics support. You can opt-out of this in SERVER_ROOT/plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml
  • Fix several possible issues
  • Fix DROP message not being displayed
  • Config now repairs itself if damaged
  • Cleaned up and reduced file size (it was a mess!)

Please remember to report any and all bugs so I can fix them!


  • Several bug fixes from 2.0.3


  • Added color code support for config strings
  • Changed config to automatically include single quotes around strings
  • Fix bug where tools durability is reset
  • Added missing allitems perms checks
  • Fix NoHold issue allowing users hold item
  • Fix UknownHostException being thrown when update site is unreachable
  • NoUse now blocks bucket empty and bucket fill, lighter, shears, and entity damage (for tools only)
  • NoUse now blocks placement of blocks
  • NoCook %t variable now sends "cook" or "smelt" depending on if the item is food
  • Lots of optimization


  • Fixed an NPE with the armor listener
  • Massive amounts of optimization and cleanup
  • Complete rework of permission and notifications system
  • Admin notification is now off by default
  • Improved admin notification message
  • Config will now create a backup before overwriting a broken one
  • Added support for smelting/cooking
  • Added configuration reload command (/noitem [reload])
  • More item names are now supported
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot