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The enderchest is a very powerful tool for access items anytime anywhere! So if you're a server admin and have a survival world and creative world, players could easly cheat items and put it into the enderchest and get it from another enderchest from the survival world. Or you think the enderchest is so powerful that you want to charge some money for using it.
So this plugin can prevent this cheating and let you charge money for using the enderchest!

So what can this plugin really do?
* Block the use of the enderchest!
* Block the placing of an enderchest!
* Block the crafting of an enderchest!
* Charge money for the use of the enderchest! (requires 'Vault'!)

If you find any bugs/issues then write a comment! Thanks!

Warning: If you give the player perms to use the enderchests in the main world (world in the server.properties) they will become the perms in the nether and end world too. If you give the perms to another world that you have create with Multiverse it will work right. Reason

An other Plugins for blocking the Enderchest: EnderChestBlock (only PEX no configuration)


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