Have you ever wanted to stop people from throwing down their items? If so, then this is the right plugin for you! An example of when this plugin would be useful is if you have a hub server or a server with a main spawn world (can be minigames or survival!), then this plugin will stop people from dropping the items that you give them (to teleport to minigames, vanish players, etc)..

=== Commands: ===

No commands! Just install and people will not be able to drop items!

=== Installation: ===

Simply drag and drop into your \plugins directory and reload or restart your server and you're good to go!

If you have a server that is not a hub server and you want this plugin only to be effective on your spawn world, then install PerWorldPlugins (click the link!), then limit NoDropItems only to your spawn world.

=== Permissions: ===

No permissions currently (coming in the next update), for now op players will be able to drop items, and non-op players will not be able to drop items.

=== Configuration: ===

The only option currently in the config is no-drop-message-on, and if this is set to true, players will receive a message whenever they try to drop items, and if this is set to false, players will not get a message whenever they try to drop items.

=== Changelog: ===

  • V1.0 - Plugin released!
  • V1.1 - Added a config and the ability to turn off the no drop message

=== Future Plans: ===

  • Add permission for players to bypass NoDropItems without being op
  • Add options to the config (such as what the no drop message should be)
  • Leave a comment or PM me about what you would like to see in the future!

=== Pictures/Videos: ===

This is the area for future pictures and videos, when I get around to making them. ;)


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