No Drop In Temple

Disable drop while user is in a world.


The following features are available:

  • Set a list of droppable items ( only these can be dropped )
  • Set a list of world where drops are still possible
  • When you die in a "no-drop" world, you will drop just EXP


Everything can be configured in-game with the following commands:

  • /nodrop reload to reload the plugin configuration
  • /nodrop world add <WorldName> to add a world where user can freely drop (either from Hand or on Death)
  • /nodrop world remove <WorldName> to remove a world from the list of "free-drop" worlds
  • /nodrop world list to get a list of "free-drop" worlds
  • /nodrop item add <ItemName> to add an item that user can drop even in "no-drop" worlds
  • /nodrop item remove <ItemName> to remove an item from the droppable items list
  • /nodrop item list to get a list of droppable items

Alias to /nodrop:

  • /ndt
The word 'this' can be used in place of itemName and worldName and will represent the item currently held or the world where the player who issues the command is in.


To use the above commands the user needs the following permission:

  • nodropintemple.command.use (Default: OP)


Starting from version 1.4.7 i decided to change the version of the plugin according to the Craftbukkit version i tested it against.

When the CB version is a DEVELOPMENT build i will also specify the build number ( e.g. means CB version 1.6.1 Build #2807 )


  • version Added 'this' as a valid argument in place of itemName and worldName


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