What is No Drop?

The No Drop plugin remove the the items a player drops when he gets killed, without the player keeping the inventory.

The plugin dose almoste the same as the command /keepinventory, the only differens is that NoDrop clear the players inventory when the he/she respawn. Also you can set the plugin to a mode where everyone with the permission can not drop items on the ground.

Note: NoDrop works with Tekkit Classic


Can be turned on/off

  • No item drop when you die
  • No droping iems from your inventory
  • No moving items around in your inventory
  • Enable/Disable in different worlds


All players with the permission:

permission.nodrop Do not drop any items when thay die. So if you want the player to NOT drop items give the player the permission.

permission.noinvdrop Can not drop items from there inventory.


/nodrop - Show all the commands

/nodrop info - Tells you if IvnetoryDrop is turned on/off and if NoDrop on death is turned on/off

/nodrop on - Turns on NoDrop on death. Players with the permission permission.nodrop will not drop items.

/nodrop off - Turns off NoDrop on death. All player will drop items when thay die

/noinvdrop on - Turns on NoInvDrop. Players with the permission permission.noinvdrop can not drop items.

/noinvdrop off - Turns off NoInvDrop. All players can drop items.

/nodrop enable/disable - Enable/Disable the plugin in the world you're in.


  • Download the plugin
  • Drop it in your plugins folder
  • Delete old config file (if you allready have the plugin instaled and you download it to get the latest update)
  • Run the server
  • Go in the world(s) you want the plugin and type /nodrop enable (even if you only have one world)
  • Than your ready to go! :)

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment it below :)

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