NoCheatPlus 3.13.0-BETA-sMD5NET-b878


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    Nov 21, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1



BETA release for CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.8 - 1.8.8 (+ 1.7.x + 1.6.x + 1.5.x + 1.4.5-R1.0).

We recommend using ProtocolLib as well, because that is the only way we can monitor attack frequency past (roughly) CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • BETA release for 1.8.x.
    • MD5: e064ed398b8034c1ae4b2b699aceb17b
    • SHA512: 1682ab66e33327a263b39f2962be554be46d4efaea2cfda0d534d4d36068432d2473c713b6605705e445e1fccfeff152ea0f0fad9fcc876462577ac38763a9b5
    • File size: 980163 bytes
  • Hot
    • 1.8.x support.
    • Reworked y-axis handling.
    • With ProtocolLib: net.attackfrequency (compensates for the inoperable fight.speed).
    • Add ability to skip captcha for commands.
  • Fixes
    • Indirect fixes by stricter y-axis handling (use-velocity-once, friction, pretty strict envelopes). Fast fall, glide-by-velocity, other.
    • Farmland block shape.
    • Prefixes are moved to loggers (ensured them to work).
    • Consistency fixes (e.g. when depth strider applies, when all speed modifiers apply).
    • Reduce false positives with creativefly (fly speed upwards, transition to survivalfly).
    • Reduce false positives with passable.
    • Reduce false positives with survivalfly (though different new ones might have been added).
  • Removed
    • Remove cancelling redundant packets for now.
    • Prefix for console no longer available.
  • Internals
    • Optimizations for asynchronous logging/stats.
    • Moving checks: split checking into two moves when confronted with micro moves.
    • Various optimizations and consistency fixes, preparations for future changes.

(Various optimizations, fixes, changes, depoptimizations had happened up to build 853, details are available in the commit history on GitHub.)

For a more detailed change history see the build-info page:

The documentation is now hosted at:
(The most recent versions of documents will be found with the file browser, the wiki might be slightly outdated at release time, but will be updated soon.)

Note that jar files downloaded from anywhere else but BukkitDev are not approved by Bukkit-staff, use them at your own risk. Development builds for NoCheatPlus are found at the Jenkins on exclusively.

Users of mcMMO, Citizens should consider using CompatNoCheatPlus as well to make most features compatible.

Notable (open)

  • For full efficiency of the fight checks, you do need ProtocolLib!
  • Fighting checks can be too sensitive under certain circumstances.
  • Pistons are not well supported yet.
  • In order to avoid false positives with the ctrl-key sprint feature we made checking more coarse, so NCP will assume that a player is sprinting whenever technically possible. This can be disabled with setting checks.moving.assumesprint to false, however false positives would likely increase by a lot with disabling this workaround.
  • Some high level potion effects might pose problems (jump, speed).
  • Lower than default walk speeds, higher level slowness potions.
  • Speeding is still possible up to a certain percentage of the usual speed (unlikely to get fixed quickly).
  • Not all internals have been updated to name-changing. Effects could be players starting with clean sheet data by relogging with having just changed the name, usually the same effect happens with restarting, because NCP does not store data offline. You can use [uuid] in commands and log messages with this build, but there are no new preset entries.


Some issues can not be fixed in a simple way, the above list contains those we consider both confirmed and severe enough to mention. This list is only updated for the latest upload on BukkitDev.

For more issues see: