NoCheatPlus v3.6.1 [1.1 - 1.2.5]


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    May 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2


NoCheatPlus v3.6.1

[Angle] Added a new check to prevent players from attacking multiple entities at the same time (using a forcefield for example);
[BedFlying] Added a new check to prevent players from flying (and also canceling fall damages) by sending fake bed leaving packets;
[NoPwnage] Added new options in the configuration to change all the displayed messages (message displayed when asking for the completion of a captcha, etc.);
[WaterWalk] Check completely rewritten to be more accurate;
[FastBreak] Added the type of the broken block in the message displayed in the chat/console to reduce the number of false positives;
[General] Fixed configuration not be reloaded correctly;
[NoPwnage] Fixed kicks not being executed properly;
[NoPwnage] Fixed captcha disabling the check forever for a player when he successfully enters it;
[Running] Fixed an issue happening when players where standing on a fence into water (was also happening with the WaterWalk check);
[Running] Fixed an issue happening when players where trying to jump out of a cobweb while still being in the air (false flying warnings).

NoCheatPlus v3.6_1

[API] Player -> NCPPlayer (to acquire the config/data of the player)

NoCheatPlus v3.6

[API] Added a real API ("events-based") allowing to cancel checks
[General] Added more tolerance when checking player's permissions
[Running] Added a speed limit when climbing into water/lava
[General] Fixed an issue when getting a check's parameters
[MorePacketsVehicle] Fixed an issue when destroying Minecarts
[NoPwnage] Fixed the NoPwnage not kicking the players correctly
[Running] Fixed an issue occurring when falling on ladders
[Running] Removed the "velocity-changed-by-plugins" detection

NoCheatPlus v3.5.9

[API] Added an API to change the settings per player
[General] Some parts of the code have been rewritten, packages have been renamed ('me' to 'fr') and the instructions have been fixed

NoCheatPlus v3.5.8

[Blocking] Added a new check to prevent players from running/attacking while blocking
[Critical] Added a new check to prevent players from only making criticals hits
[NoFall] Fixed the false positive when falling into unclimbable vines
[NoPwnage] Fixed an exception when getting message's parameters
[Unpushable] Fixed the issues when two players are colliding
[Running] Fixed players being able to move normally into cobweb
[Unpushable] Disabled the check by default (consider it as experimental)

NoCheatPlus v3.5.7_1

Introduced the Unpushable check
Changed the FastPlace's default settings
Fixed some issues with commands

NoCheatPlus v3.5.7

Added the Knockback check
Added an "opbyconsoleonly" option
Fixed an issue with the RunFly check and vines
Fixed an issue with the WaterWalk check and blocks above the player
Removed the fly tracker because of all its issues

NoCheatPlus v3.5.6

Added NoPwnage to NoCheat+ (checks messages, speed, locations, etc.)
Removed all the stuff with the plugins list

NoCheatPlus v3.5.5_5

Fixed checking when a player's velocity is modified by a plugin
Fixed NoCheat+ hiding issues (with external plugins)

NoCheatPlus v3.5.5_4

Patched the disconnect nofall exploit
Commands are now hidden (from players)
Fixed the SpamJoin check (2 issues)
Fixed the issue with plugins lists
Fixed the Tracker check's issue with AuthMe
Fixed an issue with boats and moving water

NoCheatPlus v3.5.5_3

Fixed the SpamJoin check
Fixed the issue with the AutoSign check and empty content
Updated dependency

NoCheatPlus v3.5.5_2

Added more "disabling codes"
Started working on NoPwnage
Moved the fly tracker to its own class
Fixed a NPE when kicking a player

NoCheatPlus v3.5.5_1

NoCheatPlus is now hidden from the /plugins command
Fixed an issue with the fly tracker and water

NoCheatPlus v3.5.5

Added the SpamJoins check
Fixed the issue with the fly tracker and ladders
Fixed the issue with the projectiles check and other entities

NoCheatPlus v3.5.4_1

Fixed an issue with the ladders/vines and the falling check
Fixed an NPE when the block in the event is null

NoCheatPlus v3.5.4

Added the Projectile check to prevent various cheats
Added the AutoSign check to prevent players from spamming signs
Added the Tracker check to prevent players from staying too much time in the air
Improved the FastBreak check (should work with various plugins)
Improved the FastPlace check (shouldn't throw any false positive)

NoCheatPlus v3.5.3

Added the "MorePacketsVehicule" check
Added a simple check against the "safe-respawn" exploit
Added a permission to disable boat placement on the ground
Fixed the issue with the FastBreak check and the enchantments
Fixed the issue with the WaterWalk check and the step/stairs
Fixed the inversion of Rei's Minimap permission
Removed some useless code

NoCheatPlus v3.5.2

Added the FastBreak check
Added the FastPlace check
Added Rei's Minimap and MinecraftAutoMap disabling codes
Added a toggle in the configuration to allow client mods
Fixed the WaterWalk check
Added more stuff to the instructions
Renamed some of the configuration's nodes

NoCheatPlus v3.5.1

Added a new check called WaterWalk
Added Zombe and CJB mods disabling
Added survival's fly mode support
Code cleanup (mostly events related)
Removed the active checks printer