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Detect and Fight the exploitation of various Flaws/Bugs in MC

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NoCheat will try to identify illegal data sent by players and exploitation of bugs in the game based on the information the player sends to the server. Such illegal behaviour may be moving faster than normally possible, or breaking blocks that are clearly not within the normal reach of the player.

If such behaviour is identified, a multitude of actions will be executed automatically (customizable by you, read the Instructions.txt file that gets generated when you run the plugin the first time), that may include logging the incident, informing an admin, stopping the player from doing whatever he did, or something else (you have a lot of freedom here).

  • Want to just monitor players and silently log their behaviour, without them noticing? NoCheat can do that.
  • Want to automatically stop players from doing illegal stuff? NoCheat can do that too.
  • Want throw a player in jail for breaking a specific rule, announce it to all the players on the server, strike him with thunder and finally ban him for lifetime? NoCheat can do that too (if you have relevant plugins that can jail, thunder and ban installed)


These are some things you should know right away.

NoCheat is a constant Work In Progress, there will probably never be a fully stable/final version. Be prepared for frequently changing features, bugs and lots of updating.

NoCheat isn't a magic bullet. Don't expect to drop it into your plugin folder and be done with it. Most of its power (and potential frustration) come from you adjusting it to your very specific needs.

NoCheat isn't perfect. Many of the things it does rely on heuristics, which means it will try to seperate normal behaviour from illegal behaviour, based on statistics, predictions, experience. None of these are 100% correct all the time.

NoCheat is the work of a single man, who goes to University and has two part-time jobs already. Don't expect too much support for something that's free (as in beer and freedom) from me.

Downloads/Changelogs/Source Code

  • Downloads
    • "Download" button somewhere on this page (usually top right corner) for the latest BukkitDev approved version
    • "Recent Files" links in the "Facts" section (somewhere to the right) for one of the latest BukkitDev approved versions
    • "Downloads" page that I made (all versions)
    • direct link which should point always to the latest version
  • Changelogs
  • Source Code
    • link . NoCheat is an open source plugin released under dual license GPLv3 and MIT.

Contact / Support

You can reach me at the bukkit forum here, by commenting below, or opening a support ticket (if you have a bug report to make or need support). Those things are most likely to grab my attention. Now you can also follow me on Twitter to get informed about new versions and maybe a random rant about stuff that annoys me while coding.

What can NoCheat do?

  • Player Movement
    • Prevent flying or limit flying speed
    • Enforce the original movement speeds for walking, sprinting, sneaking, swimming
    • prevent "nofall" hacks (players not getting fall damage)
  • Block Breaking
    • Limit the reach for breaking blocks
    • Force players to look at the blocks
    • Prevents "noswing" hacks (the player breaks blocks without showing the arm animation)
  • Block Placing
    • Limit the reach for block placing
    • Force players to look at the blocks
  • Player Chat
    • Limit messages and commands a player can send within a specific timeframe to combat spam
    • Filter colors from player messages
  • Inventory
    • Prevent players from dropping too many items within a short timeframe and therefore lagging the server
    • Prevent players from charging and firing their bows too fast
    • Prevent players from eating their food too fast
  • Fight
    • prevent attacking of enemies that aren't in the line of sight of the player
    • prevent attacking without first swinging your arm
    • prevent attacking too many times within one second
    • prevent attacking of targets that are too far away
    • prevent players becoming invulnerable by exploitation of a design flaw of Minecraft
    • prevent players from accelerating their health regeneration by food saturation

This list may grow and shrink depending on the development of Minecraft, CraftBukkit and NoCheat.

Badass plugins that complement NoCheat

These are plugins that I personally am convinced of being very good at what they are doing. Especially these do things that I either can't do with NoCheat (e.g. not enough time, experience) or that I don't want to do with NoCheat (beyond the focus of NoCheat, to much work for too little gain).

But as a server owner that is interested in fair play and a clean server, you should know these.

Orebfuscator (against X-Ray hacks) - Players use X-Ray hacks to find ores and other valuables so fast that it completely ruins your economy? Then give this plugin a try. It is an All-In-One anti-X-Ray solution that can (in combination with the included OreScrambler) defeat all X-Ray hacks. And it's easy to use. And it's free. So why aren't you using it yet?

Donations and Supporters

  • - "Thank you for such an outstanding plugin, from those of us at Savage Realms"
  • - "The best Minecraft hosting solutions"
  • ECB2 - "German Letter Mindfucking since 2011 <33"
  • ๖ۣۜRεαÐßyτε - "I love NoCheat; had to join the skids on the list <3"
  • Goat -
  • CombustLemons - "Everybody's Russian"
  • Raeqn - "Thanks for the plugin"
  • OrgyMotherfucker - "Legit hardcore faction-based PvP:"
  • FearMe - "I couldn't be the one not on this list."
  • Kornk - "It's a whole new world."
  • .SuPaH sPii - "Keep wasting everyone's time, because there is no point in bypassing NoCheat."
  • Immortal - "Had To join the rest of the hackforum members here :D"
  • @LaserLag - "SwaggerCraft - Factions, mcMMO, Economy. Go Raid"
  • Andrewkm

As promised, this is a list of people (in no particular order) that donated to me and wanted to be listed here (name + shoutout message). Thank you very much! If you donated at some point in time and want on the list, please message me.

Thank you for reading this!


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