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    Nov 15, 2011
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  • CB 1337


+ far less sensitive Godmode check
+ removed "blockplace.onliquid" check (because it seemed to be buggy in certain situations)
+ make sure to only check direct attacks in "fight.xxx" checks, not e.g. arrows
+ new option "debug.compatibility" defaulting to "true": Fix some bad behaviour of other plugins on the fly ...
+ ... that should fix the "I can't sprint despite having permission"-type problems people have
+ massive rewrite of NoCheats internal handling of events, started to collect everything that's not Bukkit-API calls into one class to make porting of the plugin to other projects that are based on Bukkit (e.g. glowstone) far less painful, better encapsulation of each test type, class hierarchies, less code repetition, ...

- I hope I didn't bork anything in the process. I've tested a bit and didn't find anything serious, but if you do, please tell. - Seems like some people got problems with this one (players randomly unable to build stuff and things like that, please try 2.16a instead