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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

La présentation française du plugin est Ici.

NirvaEx is a plugin which the player can choose between nine classes (Warrior, Druid, Archer, Priest, Vampire, Wizard, Necromancer, Butcher and Assassin). Each class use specifics skills.

Class name can be changed, skill's name too. But the skills's effect and the skills's order CANNOT change ! It's NOT moduable, sorry... This plugin is in English or in French.

Since the 5.0 version, NirvaEx is only compatible with PermissionEx (and not GroupManager and WorldGuard, sorry).


IMPORTANT : This project is outdated for me (the developer). I'm working on a lot of others projects now, and I cannot do changes for all of you... So, I let you my source code on my GitHub and I hope you "can keep this plugin alive" without me ^^. And... Thanks for your support !


The GitHub project (source code)



  • To change class: nirva.change.class
  • To delete class: nirva.delete.class
  • To set your world:
  • To have a stuff: nirva.have.stuff
  • To become a Warrior:
  • To become an Archer: nirva.class.two
  • To become a Priest: nirva.class.three
  • To become a Wizard: nirva.class.four
  • To become a Vampire: nirva.class.five
  • To become a Necro: nirva.class.six
  • To become a Druid:
  • To become a Butcher: nirva.class.eight
  • To become an Assassin: nirva.class.nine

Player's Commands

  • /n ou /nhelp : To display the help.
  • /nstuff : To give a slimeball and the class's item to the player.
  • /nlanguage <english|french> : To select your language.
  • /nclass <name of the class|deleted> : To choice or delete your class.
  • /nlevel : To know your class and your level.
  • /nworld <true/false> : To set the plugin are enable or not in the player's world.
  • /nlocation : To say if, at your location, the plugin works.

Console's Commands

  • nchat <true|false> : To active or not the display of the class in the chat.
  • nlanguage <english|french> : To select the language by default of the plugin.
  • nplayer <player> <name of the class|deleted> : To choice or delete the player's class.

Warning : uppercase and lowercase for the player's name !


Each class has an item for him, to use his skills. Here, the default items are :

  • Warrior : Sword
  • Archer : Bow
  • Wizard : Paper
  • Priest : Rose
  • Vampire : Hoe
  • Necromancer : Flint
  • Druid : Flower
  • Butcher : Axe
  • Assassin : Sword


The cooldown skills is editable (default 20 seconds). It decreases by one second by player's level for a minimum of 5 seconds.

  • To choose a skill : Slimeball

See skills's details : Here

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