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We know it's a pain having manage so many plugins, one for economy, anti-greifing, regions, teleportation and loads more. This is why we are making NinjaMonkey, our plugin will be able to do all the things you need it to. So if your really wanted to, you could run an awesome server off just one plugin.

At the moment this is more of a concept, Although we have some of the back bone for the plugin, us talented coders need to team up together so we can make something truly amazing.
If You Are Talented At Coding, And Would Like To Contribute To This Project, Please Get In Touch With Me, The Help Will Be Very Much Appreciated

Features We Are Hoping To Add To NinjaMonkey:
An Economy System.
Chest, Door, Trapdoor and Furnace Locking.
A Plot System using Signs were people can buy and sell plots.
Time and Weather management.
Shop System
Hidden Chests Containing Treasure
Please feel free to submit your ideas


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