Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

NOTE: This project is on hold right now. Presently, this plugin will require a client mod to run with it. I am having trouble using the Minecraft Coder Pack, it doesn't want to work on my computer.

This plugin takes advantage of Minecraft 1.1's language packs and allows the user to input text in Hiragana, Katakana or Kyōiku Kanji.

The player can type /nihongo on to turn Japanese mode on and /nihongo off to turn it off. If it is off, they can type into the chat box normally.

If it is turned on, the player can type into the chat box in Romajī and when they press enter to submit their message, it converts into Japanese characters! (It can handle Hiragana, Katakana and Kyōiku Kanji.)

This plugin is both English and Japanese. Any console input, chat messages, etc. that this plugin makes are in both English and Japanese.


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