A warp/home plugin that allows for private, listed, and unlisted warps.

NiftyWarp was written because I wanted to create and manage warps in a way that was easy, but that didn't end up in a giant, cluttered-up list for everyone on the server. However, I didn't want to simply create personal warp lists only because I wanted the make sure it was easy for people to be able to share access to their warps if they so chose.

Download JAR | Source Code


  • Warp Types
    • Create "listed" warps that are visible and useable by anyone.
    • Create "unlisted" warps that are invisible to others, but still useable by anyone.
    • Create "private" warps that are invisible to others, and only useable by you.
  • Change warp type for easy sharing with others.
  • Simple home warp creation and usage (e.g. /home, /sethome)
  • Cross-World Warping
  • Clearly see which warps are yours and which ones belong to others
  • Configurable default type
  • Permissions support (and three non-permissions-plugin options as well)

PermissionsBukkit (Optional) - tested with 1.3


  1. Download latest JAR from this page.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Delete previous NiftyWarp .JAR file from your Bukkit server plugins folder.
  4. Copy your newly downloaded NiftyWarp .JAR file to your Bukkit server plugins folder.
  5. Restart your server.

Please note this procedure doesn't include configuring permissions for this plugin
Please see the guides below for more information


/addwarp <warpName>
Adds a warp at your current location and takes into account your direction
- Command: /nwadd
- Aliases: /nwa, /addwarp, /createwarp, /setwarp

/deletewarp <warpName>
Deletes a warp
- Command: /nwdelete
- Aliases: /nwd, /deletewarp, /removewarp

Set your home warp (currently just makes a warp named "home")
- Command: /nwhomeset
- Aliases: /nwhs, /homeset, /sethome

Warp to your home (currently just warps to your "home" warp)
- Command: /nwhome
- Aliases: /nwh, /home

/listwarps <worldName> <private | unlisted | listed>
Gets the list of warps. You can use asterisk for world to get all worlds if specifying type.
- Command: /nwlist
- Aliases: /nwl, /listwarps

/renamewarp <warpName> <newWarpName>
Renames an existing warp
- Command: /nwrename
- Aliases: /nwr, /renamewarp

/setwarptype <warpName> private | unlisted | listed
Sets the privacy/visibility of a warp after creation
- Command: /nwset
- Aliases: /nws, /settype, /setwarptype

/warp <warpName>
Use a warp
- Command: /nwwarp
- Aliases: /nw, /nww, /warp

/warptocoord <x> <y> <z> [worldName]
Warps to a specific coordinate. World name is optional, uses current world by default
- Command: /nwwarptocoord
- Aliases: /nwwtc, /nww2c, warptocoord, warp2coord, wtc, w2c

In order to be able to function alongside other warp plugins, all of the main commands are unique to NiftyWarp and prefixed with "nw". However, for ease of use, I've also included quite a few common and intuitive aliases. Please see the for more info.

Permissions Plugin Nodes

User: These permissions are for managing and using your own warps.

  • niftywarp.use.add
  • niftywarp.use.delete
  • niftywarp.use.home
  • niftywarp.use.homeset
  • niftywarp.use.list
  • niftywarp.use.rename
  • niftywarp.use.set
  • niftywarp.use.warp
  • niftywarp.use.warptocoord
  • niftywarp.use.version

Admin: These permissions will allow you to delete/rename/set other people's warps.

  • niftywarp.admin.delete
  • niftywarp.admin.rename
  • niftywarp.admin.set

PermissionsBukkit notes:
For "easy" setup when using PermissionsBukkit, see the Example PermissionsBukkit page.

Non-Permissions-Plugin Rulesets
Regardless of whether or not you have the PermissionsBukkit plugin installed, you can configure NiftyWarp to use that plugin or to not use it. If you set use-plugin to false, you can use the following alternative permission options:

  • ops-only - means only Ops can use this plugin's commands.
  • ops-for-admin - means only Ops can use the admin type functionality (such as renaming other people's warps).
  • ffa - or Free For All ... means anyone can use any commands/functionality

Upcoming Features


  • Configurable Safety
    • Safely placing you when the warp loc is inside a block
    • Safely placing you when warp loc is now over lava
    • Safely placing you when warp loc would cause you to fall to your death
  • Configurable namespace
  • More /listwarps options
  • /spawn command and /setspawn command
  • Admin:
    • See all warps by type (private/unlisted/listed)
    • List a specific person's warps (including private)
    • (and a few more ideas I have)
  • Warp Import/Export routines
  • iConomy Support
  • MySQL Support


  • Warp sharing (e.g. /sendwarp)
  • Warp copying (e.g. /copywarp)
  • Help command (e.g. /nwhelp)


Version 1.3.3 (March 15 2012)

  • Fixed blank configuration file on first load up -> It will now generate a well documented default YML file.
  • Fixed a bug where /sethome was not working as expected.
  • Cleaned up some code

Version 1.3.2 (March 11 2012)

  • Supports latest 1.2 based Craftbukkit (CB 2060)!

Version 1.3.1

  • Supports latest 1.8.1 build RB (CB 1185)
  • Properly support PermissionsBukkit. You will need to remove any niftywarp-related permissions from your permissions.yml file.
  • Added a version command (/nwversion or /nwv)
  • Added a fix for an OptimisticLockException that happens intermittently in some environments

Version 1.3

  • Updated to 1.8.1 server support (last tested with build 1145)
  • Small update to German translation
  • Updated to support PermissionsBukkit
  • Removed support for nijikokun's Permissions plugin
    • NiftyWarp still supports no-permissions-plugin alternatives

Version 1.2

  • Updated to 1.7.3 server support (build 1000)
  • Added ability to warp to a coordinate (x,y,z,world)
  • Added a "maximum warps" per user config option. Defaults to 20
  • Added destination chunk loading before warping
  • Added filters to the ListWarps command (world and/or type)
  • Added basic internationalization for in-game messages. Currently, German is supported. Will add more on request

Version 1.1

  • Updated to 1.7.2 server support (build 953)
  • Simple home warp creation and usage (e.g. /home, /sethome)
  • Permissions overhaul
    • Permissions 2.x support
    • Better Permissions 3.x support
    • Three new non-Permissions-plugin based options


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