Nick Namer v1.2.1 [CB 1.5.2-R0.1]


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    Jun 1, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1


Version 1.2.1
  • Added console support for /nick
  • Getting tired of Essentials work-arounds.
Version 1.2
  • Fixed the bug with NickNamer loading before TagAPI using a softdepend in the plugin.yml
  • Added functionality to disable TagAPI if it's in the server directory
  • Changed /nnick back to /nick and added /nnick as an alias for /nick (This means /nnick still works)
Version 1.1
  • Changed /nick command to /nnick due to conflict with essentials /nick command. (It's more popular than my plugin so I guess I have to)
  • Added Permissions for ColorCodes
  • Updated ColorCodes to support magic, bold, underline, random, and reset
Version 1.0
  • Added Blacklist support
Version 0.9
  • Updated for latest version of Bukkit
Version 0.9
  • Now Supports TagAPI by mxbater
  • No more Spout support for name titles!
  • Stupid grammar issue with /nick :P
  • New Config node to decide if you want a colored name or not!
Version 0.8
  • Completely Redid NickNamer! Neater Code! OMFGS FDKGDGKFSGKDGS
  • /realnick now should work 100% of the time! WOO
  • Uhm other stuff I forgot about but anyways it works!
Version 0.7
  • Added realnick permission node
  • Added ability to enable/disable the custom login messages
  • Uh, I can't remember this update was a while ago but i'm posting it now :P
Version 0.6
  • Added Command /realnick <Player>
  • Code is now up to 1.2.3 standards
Version 0.5
  • Added the ability to use Spout, configured in the config.yml
  • Players now get a message when someone changes their name w/ nickname.notify
  • Updated Code to R4 standards
Version 0.4
  • The config will print the users Name, and Nickname to a config file called Nick Names.yml!
  • You may now keep your nickname when the server goes down!
Version 0.3
  • Updated nick Namer for Bukkit R1 build for 1.0.1
  • Fixed the Bug when you RE-ENTER, not Server Restart for keeping your nickname!
Version 0.2
  • Added new command /old *returns your name back to its default one* (Name May Change!)
  • Added new command /rename <Player> <Name> to rename others (Name May Change!)
  • Fixed/Cleaned up my code ^_^
Version 0.1
  • Initial Release of Nick Namer
  1. Did i forgot Something? Pm me or tell me in the comments and i will take a look at them!
  2. I cannot break the limitation of 16 characters in the TABLIST, in order to have nicknames longer than 16 chars, set NickName Tablist to false.*