[UPDATE!!!] After a year of Sensors inactive state, I give to you the Sensors 2.0.0 (released at 07 September 2013)


Sensors is a bukkit plugin, that supports creating and managing 3 types of sensors:

  • line – like a laser beam, it detects entities that will go through it
  • area – detects entities in a cylinder shaped area
  • object – gets the state of the assigned object (like chest, pressure plate, button, lever, etc.) and informs the owner about the manipulation (like using it, clicking on it or destroying it)

Each sensor can be controlled by a specially created (with a command) sign, which displays a scrollable menu. More about it in the “How to use” section. Every sensor can react in 3 ways: a) only inform the owner about the detection b) send the redstone signal through the neighbor levers c) both For example. Player A created a line sensor in a cave passage and goes to get some food. Meanwhile, the player B sees the cave and wants to check it out. Enters is, the sensor detects his presence and reacts (in one of the chosen ways). If player A, set the inform only option, there will appear a message on a chat. If he chose the redstone signal reaction, the prepared mechanism, connected to the sensor, can be triggered and get rid of the unwanted guest

Link to the most recent version:

Current version: 2.0.0


Most of the commands starts with the “sen”. For example, the senmenu command means sensor menu. The ‘|’ char, separates the command alternatives - choose the most comfortable form to you :) By default, available for everybody:

  • /newsensor <name>| /snew <name> - creates a new sensor with the specified name
  • /mysensors | /smy | /senmy – displays the list of your sensors
  • /senname | /sname – displays clicked sensor name
  • /senmenu | /smenu – creating a sensor-management menu
  • /seninfo <name> | /sinfo <name> – show the ingame window, that provides the information about the sensor
  • /senstatus | /sstatus – show all your sensors state in a semi-transparent frame on the screen
  • /senhide | /shide – hiding all the displayed sensors info

By default, for op’s:

  • /senregion <name> <command> | /sregion <name> <command> | /senwg<name> <command> - (works ONLY if the WorldGuard is installed). Makes available managing sensors in the specified region (cuboid). <command> options:
  • lockall (e.g. /senregion mycub lockall) – locks all the sensors in the region
  • unlockall (e.g. /senregion mycub unlockall) – unlocks all the sensors in the region
  • activateall (e.g. /senregion mycub activateall) – activates all the sensors in the region
  • deactivateall (e.g. /senregion mycub deactivateall) – deactivates all the sensors in the region
  • destroyall (e.g. /senregion mycub destroyall) – destroys all the sensors in the region
  • /sensors <operation> | sen <operation> | s <operation>- command, which controls plugin state < operation > options:
  • save (e.g. /sen save) – saves the current sensors list to a file
  • reload (e.g. / sen reload) – erases the current sensors properties and loads a set from a file
  • backup (e.g. / sen backup) – saves the current sensors list to a backup file
  • destroy_all (e.g. / sen destroy_all) – destroys all the sensors on a server
  • lock_all (e.g. / sen lock_all) – lock all the sensors on a server
  • unlock_all (e.g. / sen unlock_all) – unlock all the sensors on a server
  • activate_all (e.g. / sen activate_all) – activates all the sensors on a server
  • deactivate_all (e.g. / sen deactivate_all) – deactivates all the sensors on a server
  • /senmanage <name> <command> <val> | /senman <name> <command> <val> | /sman<name> <command> <val>- change the properties of the sensor <command> options:
  • removeall (e.g. /sman sensor1 removeall ) – clears the permitted players list in the specified sensor
  • activate (e.g. /sman sensor1 activate ) – activates the sensor (it starts detecting)
  • deactivate (e.g. /sman sensor1 deactivate ) – deactivates the sensor (it stops detecting)
  • lock (e.g. /sman sensor1 lock ) – locks the sensor
  • unlock (e.g. /sman sensor1 unlock ) – unlocks the sensor
  • destroy (e.g. /sman sensor1 destroy ) – destroys the sensor
  • maxrange (e.g. /sman sensor1 maxrange 12 ) – sets the maximum detection range (0 – auto)
  • maxheight (e.g. /sman sensor1 maxheight 5 ) – sets the maximum detection height (0 – auto)
  • addplayer (e.g. /sman sensor1 addplayer Notch ) – adds a player to the permitted list
  • removeplayer (e.g. /sman sensor1 removeplayer badGuy ) – removes a player to the permitted list


Line sensor:

  • sensor.line.* - Gives access to all line sensor permissions
  • sensor.line.manage - create an interactive menu to manage the sensor
  • sensor.line.destroy - destroy a line sensor

Area sensor:

  • sensor.area.* - Gives access to all area sensor permissions
  • sensor.area.manage - create an interactive menu to manage the sensor
  • sensor.area.destroy - destroy a area sensor

Object sensor:

  • sensor.object.* - Gives access to all object sensor permissions
  • sensor.object.manage - create an interactive menu to manage the sensor
  • sensor.object.destroy - destroy a object sensor


  • sensor.create - creating sensors
  • sensor.destroy_sb_else - destroy sensor that doesnt remain to us
  • sensor.control_sb_else_sensor - manage somebodys else sensor by command
  • – A SPECIAL NODE - if a player has this permission, it won't trigger any sensors


  • commands.wg.locking - locking all sensors in the specified region
  • commands.wg.activating - activate all sensors in the specified region
  • commands.wg.destroy - destroy all sensors in the specified region


  • sensor.locking.* - Gives access all the locking abilities
  • commands.locking.lock_all - description: locking all sensors on the server
  • commands.locking.unlock_all - unlocking all sensors on the server
  • commands.locking.lock_sensor:
  • commands.locking.unlock_sensor:


  • sensor.activating.* - Gives access all the activation abilities
  • commands.activating.activate_all - activate all sensors on the server
  • commands.activating.deactivate_all - deactivate all sensors on the server
  • commands.activating.activate_sensor:
  • commands.activating.deactivate_sensor:


  • sensor.destroying.* - description: Gives access all the destroy abilities
  • commands.destroying.destroy_sensor - destroying chosen sensor
  • commands.destroying.destroy_all - destroys all the sensors

Global sensor managing:

  • commands.add_player - add players to the sensors permitted list
  • commands.remove_player - remove players from the sensors permitted list
  • commands.remove_all - clears the permitted list
  • commands.trigger - triggers the sensor
  • - saving current sensors set
  • commands.reload - reload current sensor set
  • commands.manage_any - manage any chosen sensor
  • commands.check_sensor_name - checking sensor name by clicking on it
  • commands.change_max_range - changing the sensor max range
  • commands.change_max_height - changing the sensor max height detecting

Bukkit page:


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