Destroy The Nexus

Destroy the nexus, now in bukkit, hours of diversion for your players

Destroy the Nexus is the new type of minigame. There are two teams, blue and red, and one core for each team, your objective is to reach your enemy's base to destroy the core, then the game will end.

1. Drop the downloaded file in your bukkit plugins folder.
2. Start the server, and wait the plugins to load.
3. Stop the server.
4. Edit the messages, you can use this guide: messages.yml
5. Start the server and configure the plugin using this step-by-step tutorial: Setup
6. Configure kits using this step-by-step tutorial: Kits

Messages in English
Mensajes en Español
Nachrichten in Deutsch

Video tutorials: Click here

/nexusShows the plugin menu-
/nexus helpShows the help menu-
/nexus arenasShows the arenas loadednexus.arenas
/nexus kitsShows the kits GUInexus.kits
/nexus adminShows the admin menunexus.admin
/nexus admin create <arena>Creates an arenanexus.admin
/nexus admin lobby <arena>Sets the lobby locationnexus.admin
/nexus admin core rojo/azul <arena>Sets the core locationnexus.admin
/nexus admin spawn rojo/azul <arena>Sets the spawn locationnexus.admin
/nexus play <arena>Start playing a game-
/nexus leaveEnds your game-
Place TnTLet's you place


Fix bug: Everyone is teleported to the world "world".
Fix bug: There is no limit to the use of the kits, so players can blow items.
Fix bug: Players can type /spawn or /warp during game
Add command /nexus reload


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