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Newtag is a simple chat tag supplement plugin. This plugin allows players to have an additional chat tag located before their name. Players can edit or remove tags using in-game commands. Newtag is lightweight and compatible with all other chat plugins.

NewTag Development


NewTag is compatible with the following..

  • PermissionsBukkit
  • PermissionsEx
  • Essentials Chat
  • bpermissions
  • Any other permission plugins
  • mchatsuite
  • herochat
  • Essentials Chat
  • bchatmanager
  • Any other chat plugins


newtag.set.otherAllow player to set other player's tags
newtag.set.ownAllow player to set own tag
newtag.clear.otherAllow player to clear other player's tags
newtag.clear.ownAllow player to clear own tag
newtag.anytagAllow player to use illegal words in tag
newtag.longtagAllows the setting of tags longer than max_tag_length
newtag.* All of the above
newtag.ptag.<tag>Enables a tag on a player where <tag> is configured in tags.yml


/newtag set [tag] - sets a tag on yourself.
/newtag set [tag] (player) - sets a tag on a specific player. He/she does not have to be online.
/newtag clear - clear any newtag you have.
/newtag remove - clear any newtag you have.
/newtag delete - clear any newtag you have.
/newtag clear (player) - clears any newtag a person has. He/she does not have to be online.
newtag aliases: /tag /nt

Useful Suggestions

1. Use Newtag if you want one easy, simple chat plugin.
2. Use the "tag_placeholder" configuration option to set a placeholder to use for tags in other chat plugins. This allows you to have the tag appear anywhere in your formatted chat messages.
3. With the combination of another chat plugin, use Newtag to give multiple tags to people. This will save you the time of creating a long linear list of tag combinations.
4. Want to gain more donations? Use Newtag to help boost donations to your server. Install Newtag and set the money amount to every donator. Whenever a donator speaks, it will show how much they have donated to the server.
5. Newtag can be used to give fun nicknames to players. [Warrior], [Guard], [VIP] are just a few examples.
6. Use Newtag to label who is a staff member on your server. Install Newtag and give the tag: mod or tag: admin.

Official Server with Newtag

If you want to preview the newtag plugin, goto Sky Kingdom Server:
If you have any additional questions, you can talk to Jungalist81 or comment here on this project page.

# Tag format. Color codes usable, use %tag% where you would like the tag 
tag_format: '&a[&f%tag%&a]&r '
# Tag placeholder. Use in conjunction with a chat formatting plugin to
# customize the location of the tag. When empty (default), the tag is prepended
# to the beginning of chat messages.
# Note: if someone enters this placeholder in chat, it will also replaced. Make it hard to guess.
tag_placeholder: ''
# Maximum length of tag. If set to 0, max length is enabled. If the tag setter
# has the permission "newtag.longtag", this is ignored
max_tag_length: 0
# Allow tags to have their own color codes
allow_tag_colors: true
# Disallowed tag content. if any one or more of these words are found
# in a tag, the user will be asked to choose a different tag.
  - admin
  - mod
# Strips any special characters from tag. Recommended. (will leave in &)
alphanumeric_only: true
# Enable tag permissions. Enables tags for players with the
# permission "newtag.ptag.<perm>" - permissible tags are configured in
# tags.yml
enable_permission_tags: true
# Enable tab list tag. Will prepend a player's tag to their name in the tab list.
# Note that colour codes take up a lot of the 16 characters
enable_tab_list_tag: true
# Tab list tag format. The tag format to use in the tab list, the total
# character limit is currently 16, so be careful with colors
tab_list_tag_format: "[%tag%] "


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