This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


2K downloads, that is AWESOME! I never thought so many would use NeverBreak! :D Thanks everyone!

NeverBreak lets you make it so your tools won't break! Not only that, but you can also make armor, swords, shears, and more never fail. As of version 1.7, you can also say exactly how many uses a tool has in config, regardless of if NeverBreak is toggled on! Great for RPG, MMO, and Creative, and other servers alike!


Installation is the same as any other plugin. Download it from the download button to the right, then drop it in your plugins folder. Make sure another version of NeverBreak is not in your plugins folder.


Commands and Permissions

NeverBreak has two commands:

/neverbreak [player] [true or false] -> Aliases: nb, nobreak
Permissions: neverbreak.toggle, neverbreak.toggle.others

This is the most used and versatile command of NeverBreak.
The simplest usage is /neverbreak (Perm: neverbreak.toggle). This toggles your NeverBreak mode (whether tools break or not) on or off.
The second usage is /neverbreak [true or false] (Perm: neverbreak.toggle).This forces your NeverBreak mode to what you specify.
The third usage is /neverbreak [another player] (Perm: neverbreak.toggle.others). This works the same as /neverbreak, except applies it to the player you specify.
The final usage is /neverbreak [another player] [true or false] (Perm: neverbreak.toggle.others). This works the same as /neverbreak [true or false], except applies it to the player you specify.

/setdurability <value> [absolute] -> Aliases: dura, strength
Permission: neverbreak.setdurability

This allows you to set how much durability a tool has USED. I.e, setting this to 0 means it is unused. This is especially useful when used with configured durability in config because you can make tools with EXACTLY how many uses you want left. If you put "absolute", it directly changes the tool durability, not the NeverBreak durability.
The usage is /setdurability <value> [absolute] (Perm: neverbreak.setdurability).


This list is the items (or item ID numbers, rather) you want to be able to toggle NeverBreak on and off for on the server. Optionally, you can add a dash after the ID number, then a value for the maximum durability of the item. For instance, adding the following list item under "items:" would make diamond pickaxes last 32,000 times for everyone on the server: "278-32000".

Note that these values MUST be formatted like <tool item ID>[-Item max durability].

This is the mode of NeverBreak a user should have by default on join. Make this true or false.

This dictates whether a player's NeverBreak mode should be reset upon a world change. Also set this true or false.

This dictates whether NeverBreak can be used to make armor invulnerable. Set to true or false.

If set to false, NeverBreak will not tell you your current NeverBreak mode when you login to the server.

Demonstration Video


For developers, the NeverBreak Github repository is here:


Hey! I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it if you could donate to NeverBreak. It helps a ton, cause these things take months to make and are hard to maintain.

Also, I like doing this and don't want a real job XD.

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