Netstats 5.0.4 error in JSON request #2

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  • _ForgeUser7455807 created this issue Mar 11, 2012

    What steps will reproduce the problem?

    Request Netstats for the JSON of the stats for all worlds, all players or online or specific users.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

    Expected JSON object should have each world aka world0 - worldxx with the player stats from each world of those. What I get is all the world0 - worldxx with all the worlds stats in each world.

    So say I have 4 worlds that have been visited by 1 player(VeraLapsa) and 2 of those worlds have been visited by another player(Countryman_12) the request should have 4 worlds in it world0,1,2,3 and all 4 should have Vera in them and 2 should have Country in them instead all 4 worlds have Vera in them 4 times and Country in them twice. Here's a pastebin of the the data described.

    What version of the product are you using?


    Do you have an error log of what happened?

    Please provide any additional information below.

    Using jQuery to call for data. Works great.

    Also I'm developing a Wordpress plugin for displaying Netstats easily in Wordpress. Once I've got all the bugs out I'll send a link your way for the plugin. This is what I have so far if you want to take a look.BRB, Miinecrafting! - Netstats

    Also I was looking through the source code of the plugin, why do you use nanoTime for the join and seen dates. there's no easy way of converting that number for use on a webpage.

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  • _ForgeUser5868487 posted a comment Mar 12, 2012

    Good find, I'll work on it this week.

    I'm liking the WP plugin, looks pretty good and works like a charm! Once it's done I'll happily link to it for users to play with and enjoy.

    It was for accuracy when I was measuring time smaller than seconds, then forgot to change it back after I got rid of that feature. I'm changing it back now and will put out two new versions when done. One that'll have a command to convert all the old saves to the new time format, and one without it.

    Thanks for filing this ticket, it's been very helpful. :)

  • _ForgeUser7455807 posted a comment Mar 12, 2012

    @Valrix: Go

    Glad to help!

    That's great, if you make the dates milliseconds from January 1, 1970, which is the UTC standard, and use the long datatype for that value, if you aren't already, there shouldn't be any problem handling and processing those numbers across any language.

    Yeah I was like, why am I getting multiple FlyingMongoose's in my json back, but I kept working on it, then I got to the point where you could click on a world name and it would print the json on the screen and every world was the same, so I thought it was a cache problem or the js wasn't getting the new world selected. So I went to bed and came back with a fresh mind and found the problem.

  • _ForgeUser5868487 posted a comment Mar 12, 2012

    @VeraLapsa: Go

    That's what I plan on reverting it back to. It should make things much easier for everyone.

  • _ForgeUser7455807 posted a comment Mar 13, 2012

    You should check out the WP plugin progress I've made, I'm getting close to tidying up things like removing files it doesn't need and adding an administrative page for setting the server address and port.

    Right now I'm working on making all the other sides of the player image viewable, the script that I'm using to get the is the old player-avatar creator from and old version of brownan's Overviewer and it only generated faces and the front of players. I want all the view points.

    Yeah so if your look at the page click on the player's face to see what I'm talking about.

  • _ForgeUser5868487 posted a comment Mar 16, 2012

    @VeraLapsa: Go

    I have a PHP script that generates the whole front of a player's character if you'd like.

  • _ForgeUser7455807 posted a comment Mar 16, 2012

    @Valrix: Go

    Click on one of the player heads, it displays the player's front, right, back and left sides of the skin.

  • _ForgeUser7455807 posted a comment May 10, 2012

    Any update on when you're going to update?

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