NetEvents is the next generation in inter-server interaction. It provides a simple interface for plugins to pass events over an entire network of servers while hiding the complexities of networking. While other plugins focus on making the multiserver experience seamless for players, NetEvents makes the multiserver experience seamless for plugins.

Server admins

You're most likely here because a plugin you're using can be improved with NetEvents. If not, remember that NetEvents is designed to help other plugins, not work on its own.

NetEvents can be configured to match pretty much any server network. Some examples are shown here

Plugin developers

NetEvents provides all the facilities needed to make inter-server events easy. See the wiki page for basic API information. NetEvents is available in Maven and licensed under Apache 2.0 -- see the previously linked page for info.

Source - Javadoc


  • /netevents [reload|tryconnect|ping|debug] Permission: netevents.status No arguments: prints status report reload: Reloads config and reconnects to servers tryconnect: Retries connecting to any servers that could not be accessed ping: Send a ping event to all connected servers (Prints message to server log) debug: Toggle debug logging

Plugins using NetEvents

  • PermissionsEx as of v1.21


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