• Update 20/04/15 - NeedTown v2.7 upgraded to CB/Spigot 1.8.x and has a bug free towny support, It also has a new /needtown users command and a users.yml file. Backup your config.yml, delete it, let it regenerate and copy over ur backup'ed config

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Tired of listening to players on your server constantly asking for a town? This plugin is a super simple fix! It's also VERY light weight! All you need to do is simply type /needtown and it will broadcast a message to the server.Simple config setup!

Version 2.7 Now SUPPORTS non buggy Towny integration and users file Version 2.6 Now SUPPORTS Towny Integration (It is still very buggy USE AT OWN RISK) Version 2.3.2 Now SUPPORTS custom messages(Comes with a colors.yml file to help you setup) Version 2.5 Supports COOLDOWNS


You need the plugin or a plugin that uses towns, otherwise this would be useless! :P


Installation details can be found HERE


  • /NeedTown or /Nt - The main Function of the plugin, Broadcasts the NeedTown message
  • /NeedTown reload - Reloads the config
  • /NeedTown users - Displays users that used the needtown command
  • /NeedTownr or /Ntr - Reloads the config (Console command)


  • needtown.* - Allows use of all NeedTown commands
  • needtown.use - Allows the use of /NeedTown
  • needtown.users - Allows the use of /needtown users
  • needtown.reload - Allows the reload of the Config file


  1. Support for Factions, Clans, Groups
  2. User storage file to store player names into a file (who use needtown) then display file on command Added in Version 2.7
  3. Maybe a change needtown message command
  4. TownyIntegration Added in Version 2.6 (Alpha)
  5. UpdateChecker Added in Version 2.6 (Alpha)
  6. YouTube video installation Added in Version 2.3.7 Release
  7. Add a cooldown timer Added in Version 2.5
  8. Allow custom messages Added in Version 2.3
  9. Add a config Added in Version 2.3


#===== NeedTown - Config =====#
#~~~~ Made by jacklin213 ~~~~#

# Integrate with Towny? (Needtown v2.7 and above)
TownyIntegration: true

# NeedTown Prefix
PluginPrefix: '<red>[<aqua>Need<yellow>Town<red>]'

# Set this to true if you want to use custom messsages
CustomNeedTownMessage: true

# Use Cooldowns: true / false
Cooldowns: true
# In seconds
Cooldown-Time: 10
# Cooldown message:
Cooldown-Message: '<red>This command is on Cooldown!'

# Period(minutes) to save users to userfile. Default is 10 mintues
Save-Period: 10

# Custom message
# Put '%p' where you want the player name to appear
# To use color put the color inbetween brackets like this '<red>' before your message

# Example:

#Message: '<gold>%p <green>needs a town/city! <red>Town Owners <green>plz be sure to invite <gold>%p <aqua>!'
Message: '<gold>%p <aqua>would like to be invited to a town/city! <red>Town Owners <aqua>plz be sure to invite <gold>%p <aqua>!'

# Remeber to only have 1 message. If you have 2 messages it will read it as a error and send you the default message

# Check for updates?
UpdateCheck: true

# Automaticly download update?
AutoUpdate: true

# Plugin/config Copyright 2015 NeedTown Team


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