Ever tired of looking for plugins which have /needfaction or /needtown or /needgroups or /needclan , Not satisfied with the current /need plugins out there? Can't customize messages or cooldowns or aliases? Well the Ultimate NeedCombined is here with 7 preloaded /need 's and also a extra Fully Custom /myneed Throw away all those old /need plugins and get the Ultimate NeedCombined Now !!!!!


NeedCombined "need" features

  • Need:
  • City
  • Clan
  • Faction
  • Group
  • Nation
  • Town


Commands for NeedCombined itself (/needcombined or /nc)

/needcombined or /ncDisplays the basic infoN/A
/needcombined helpDisplays the help page with all NeedCombined
Commands and Featured commands-
/needcombined infoDisplays detailed infoN/A
/needcombined reloadReloads the configuration- needcombined.reload

Commands for NeedCombined Features (Aliases Are configurable)

/needcity or /ncityBroadcasts the NeedCity message- needcombined.needcity
/needclan or /nclanBroadcasts the NeedClan message- needcombined.neeclan
/needfaction or /nfBroadcasts the NeedFaction message- needcombined.needfaction
/needgroup or /ngBroadcasts the NeedGroup message- needcombined.needgroup
/neednation or /nnBroadcasts the NeedNation message- needcombined.neednation
/needtown or /ntBroadcasts the NeedTown message- needcombined.needtown

Command for CustomCommand: MyNeed (Aliases Are configurable)

/myneed or /mnBroadcasts the MyNeed message- needcombined.myneed


Permissions for NeedCombined itself.

- needcommand.helpAllows the usage of /nc helpop
- needcommand.reloadAllows the reloading of the configop

Permissions for NeedCombined Features (Aliases Are configurable)

- needcommand.needcityAllows the usage of /needcitytrue
- needcommand.needclanAllows the usage of /needclantrue
- needcommand.needfactionAllows the usage of /needfactiontrue
- needcommand.needgroupAllows the usage of /needgrouptrue
- needcommand.neednationAllows the usage of /neednationtrue
- needcommand.needtownAllows the usage of /needtowntrue
- needcommand.myneedAllows the usage of /myneedtrue

Special Nodes (WildCard Nodes)

- needcombined.*Allows usage of all commands in the pluginop
- needcombined.commandsAllows usage of all Featured commandstrue

UpdateChecking / AutoUpdating

This plugin now uses Gravity's Updater class. This means that the plugin will connect to the website to gather information about the plugin when there is an update and weather to download it automatically. This is configurable inside of the config.yml so if you don't want the functions feel free to set UpdateCheck/AutoUpdate to false


  1. Add & support for Custom Messages
  2. Code rework to shrink file size


Version 1.1
  • Minecraft 1.6.4, 1.7 support
  • Added AutoUpdating
  • Upgraded UpdateChecking
  • Allowed use of '&' tags for colors
Version 1.0
  • Initial release
  • Minecraft 1.5.2 support
  • Permissions Support with 7 commands + 1 custom command
  • Updatechecking function

Want to help out?

If you have any ideas of what to add in the featured commands , please feel free to comment or send a ticket in
If there are any bugs please use the ticket manger to report them
Help Support us by clicking the Donation Button on the top right of your screen <3


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