NBTEditor 2.0

Changes with NBTEditor 2.0

There are some important changes with NBTEditor 2.0 (for Minecraft 1.9).

The NBTEditor only supports Spigot (and CraftBukkit) built with the SpigotMC BuildTools. I don't test with or intend to support any other server software. NBTEditor 2.0+ is Minecraft 1.9.

I merged CustomItemsAPI into the NBTEditor. When I started the NBTEditor I decided to split the code into two plugins (and a library). The CustomItemsAPI was a standalone plugin created at the same time as the NBTEditor, most of it's code was/is required by the NBTEditor. With 2.0+ everything is included in the NBTEditor.

The config location has changed from 'plugins/com.goncalomb/' to the normal 'plugins/NBTEditor/'.

  • If you have items stored with the command '/itemstorage', move the folder 'ItemStorage' from the old location to the new.
  • If you use the CustomItems, you will need to reconfigure the items.

Pre 1.9 BoSs (Books of Souls) should work. You should make a backup before editing them (e.g. using /itemstorage), just in case. The information on the book may be wrong, I recommend using the new '/bos refresh' command to rewrite/refresh the book.

Some permission nodes changed, most related to CustomItems;

Obtaining the NBTEditor 2.0

The NBTEditor 2.0 is finally available to download here on dev.bukkit.org.

Changelog for NBTEditor 2.0

Check the download page for the changelog.