Documentation/Guide: Book of Souls


For up-to-date information on NBTEditor 3.0 see the wiki on GitHub.

The Book of Souls is the main feature of the NBTEditor, it acts like a container that holds a custom entity and allow easy access and modification of any properties. No files are saved on the server, you can just put the book on a chest for later use.

All operations are done using the /bookofsouls (/bos) command.

Creating a Book of Souls (BoS)

Books of Souls are created using the /bos get <entity> command, e.g. /bos get Pig will create a Book of Souls for a Pig. To see all available entities just use /bos get.

Right-click to open the book. You will see all variables for that entity, as well as other information. The last pages contain the 'Soul Data' this is the binary representation of the entity, you can ignore that.

Editing variables

To edit variables use the /bos var <variable> <value> command. E.g. Pig has the Saddle variable, this is a boolean variable (true/false) and controls the saddle on the Pig, using /bos var Saddle true will set it to true. Now the book represents a saddled Pig. Naming the Pig is easy too, just use /bos var Name Neo.

Entities also inherit variables from their parent type, e.g. a Pig (which is a sub-type of Mob) also has the Health variable, this variable is also present on all Mobs.

Variables have many types, a accept a wide range of data. To find the format and accepted data of a variable use /bos var <variable>.

Using /bos clearvar <variable> will reset a variable to its default value (unset the variable).

Book of Souls for Mobs (equiment and effects)

All living entities are Mobs, and they have special data associated.

All Mobs can be equipped with armor (or any other blocks) using /bos items. This will open an inventory where you can set the equipment. Not every mob will display the armor when spawned (only Zombies, Zombie Pigmen and Skeletons will) but they will all be protected by it.

Mobs can also have status effects that can be set by placing a potion on the last slot of the entity inventory (/bos items). You can use a normal potion or an custom one to edit potion use the /nbtpotion (/nbtp) command.

Armor stands are not Mobs but they can be equipped with items as well. Armor stands don't have status effects.

Book of Souls for Villagers (editing offers)

It is possible to edit a Villager offers/trades using /bos offers. This will open an inventory to set the Villager's trade items.

Each column represents one trade, the top two slots are the cost and a bottom one is the item to be sold. The middle cost is optional.

These custom trades never expire, however due to the Minecraft mechanics the villager will generate new offers when the last offer available is traded at least once. To prevent this from happening you can 'seal' the Villager by providing an unobtainable item as a cost for the last offer (e.g. bedrock or barrier).