For up-to-date information on NBTEditor 3.0 see the wiki on GitHub.

CustomItems is an extra feature of the NBTEditor that adds some cool items to Minecraft, it is not related to the NBT editing.

Quote from goncalomb:

When I started the NBTEditor I decided to split the code into two plugins. The CustomItems was a standalone plugin (CustomItemsAPI) created at the same time as the NBTEditor, most of it's code was/is required by the NBTEditor. Since version 2.0 everything is included in the NBTEditor.

CustomItems it NOT enabled by default, you need to enable it on the 'NBTEditor/config.yml' file.

This feature is not actively updated. Don't expect new items to be added.

Command /customitems

  • Permission: nbteditor.customitems
  • Alias: /citem
/customitems get <item> [amount] Gives you a custom item.
/customitems give <item> [amount] Gives a custom item to someone.
/customitems list Lists all available items.

Legacy Custom Items

These items are not available by default, you to enable them on the config. Don't expect new items to be added.

BatBomb Throwable bomb that will release bats, the bats explode after a few seconds.
FireBomb Throwable bomb that after exploding will ignite some of the living entities nearby.
RepulsionBomb Throwable bomb that after exploding will repulse all living entities nearby.
LightningRod Throwable item that will cast a lighting a its location after a few seconds.
EnderBow Bow that shoots Ender Pearls.
WitherBow Bow that shoots Wither Skulls.
SunStick Rocket that will slowly change the time to midday.
MoonStick Rocket that will slowly change the time to midnight.
EscapePlan Rocket that can be used to flee from your enemies or to send them away.
KingsCrown Fun item that will broadcast a message when picked up or lost.
SimpleMine Mine that will explode when picked up.
TorchBow Bow that places torches.
AntiMatterBomb Throwable bomb that destroys an area. This is the only item that effects the world.
GravitationalAxe Diamond axe that makes trees fall.
TreeVaporizer Diamond axe that destroys an entire tree.

NBTEditor Tools

These items are an integral part of the NBTEditor they are always available.

BookOfSoulsEmpty Used to get a copy of an entity data.
BookOfSouls Used to configure entities (see command /bookofsouls).
EntityRemover Shows all variables of an entity.
EntityInspector Removes any entity.
SuperLead Used to leash entities together.


Global Permission

nbteditor.customitems.* Gives access to all features (default to operators).

Permissions for the items

nbteditor.customitems.use.* Gives access to use all items
nbteditor.customitems.use.<item> for a single item (e.g. nbteditor.customitems.use.wither-bow)* Allows to use all items outside the allowed worlds<item> for a single item (e.g.


On the directory 'plugins/NBTEditor/CustomItems' there are several files that can be used to configure the items. Each item can be configured and enabled individually.

It's possible to change the name and lore of any item, this does not change any existing copies of that item (changing the name WILL break all existing copies of the item). Colors can be used, with § as the formatting character.

Some items (e.g. bombs) have specific variables, these variables have no limit, please be reasonable when changing them or you will break the item (and probably your server).

Example Configuration

# This is just an example, don't copy/use this.
# Depending on the item, there may be more variables available.
    enabled: true
    name: §aItem Name!
    - §bThe lore!
    - §bThe lore, second line!
    - AnAllowedWorld
    - AnotherAllowedWorld
    - ABlockedWorld
    - AnotherBlockedWorld