NBTEditor v2.0


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    May 14, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


NBTEditor v2.0

Some important things have changed with 2.0, read more information on NBTEditor 2.0.

  • Merge BKgLib and CustomItemsAPI;
  • Start using the default config folder, 'plugins/NBTEditor/';
  • The CustomItems config folder is now 'plugins/NBTEditor/CustomItems/';
  • Remove localization (only English now);
  • Rename some permissions;
  • All variables changed to use CamelCase format;
  • Allow Horse spawners (Minecraft bug is fixed);
  • Allow ThrownEgg BoSs (Minecraft bug is fixed);
  • Adding items to container minecarts is done using '/bos items';
  • The order of riding entities is has changed to 'bottom to top';
  • Invalid villager offers will return the items;
  • Remove command '/nbtenchant glow' (no longer works);
  • Remove command '/bookofsouls dropchance' in favor of the new *DropChances variables;
  • Add Plugin Metrics;
  • Add support for 1.8 entities (Guardian, Endermite, Rabbit and ArmorStand);
  • Add support for 1.9 entities (DragonFireball, Shulker, AreaEffectCloud, TippedArrow and SpectralArrow);
  • Add support off-hand item and new equipment format;
  • Add support for new passenger format (parcial);
  • Add support for item modifier slots;
  • Add command '/bookofsouls toegg' to create spawn eggs from a BoS;
  • Add command '/bookofsouls refresh' to rewrite the BoS;
  • Add many new variables;
  • Add tab completion to some variable types;
  • Many small fixes, tweeks and code refactoring;