NametagEdit v2.4


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    May 11, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.6.4
  • 1.5.2


NametagEdit v2.4

  • Latest Update before UUID Update. Build #40

NametagEdit v2.1


  • Deleted ConfigLoader class in favor of YAML (config.yml now instead of config.txt)
  • Added aliases (/nte and /nametagedit)
  • Comments for different arguments in the Commands to keep track
  • Renamed Packet209Mod class for update clarity (and forseeable changes)
  • Added Metrics for statistic collecting
  • Deleted "PluginVersion" as it was used in the previous updater
  • Separated Updater and Metrics into a separate Utilities package
  • New permission: NametagEdit.update - Allows the command sender to update
  • Removed PlayerDeathEvent manipulation as it did not work
  • Removed section in config for death messages
  • Removed unused methods scattered in the plugin
  • Added when a player with the necessary permission joins, with updater enabled, they will be notified of the available update.

Version 2.0

  • FIXED: 1.7 Compatibility
  • NEW FEATURE: console-print-enabled enabled = true IN CONFIG.TXT If enabled, this plugin will not print 'Setting prefix/suffix' information in the console
  • NEW FEATURE: Saves NPC Nametags upon logout.
  • TEMPORARY REMOVAL: Built-in Updater

Version 1.8

- Fixed that bug where the plugin would infinately update.

- Plugin can now operate in any craftbukkit version.

- Removed unsued code

Version 1.7.2

- Added hooks for PermissionsEx and GroupManager, nametags now update when permissions change with these permissions plugins.

Version 1.7.1

- Fixed auto updater, it now correctly checks for updates.

- You can now disable checking for updates in the config.txt

Version 1.7

- Made the plugin backwards compatible. NametagEdit can now work with any bukkit server that contains scoreboards (all the way back to the first 1.5 dev build!)

Version 1.6

- Changed how nametags are managed entirely. This plugin now manually sends packets to manipulate scoreboard teams.

- Fixed any issues with multiverse, there is no longer a teleportation issue in NametagEdit.

- Changed auto updater to work with

- Added an API.

- Added support for 1.5.2

Please note that this release may be buggy

Version 1.4.1

- Modified onPlayerJoin event priority to fix a bug with plugins that save / load inventories across worlds. It is reccomended to update if you use plugins like Multiverse-inventories in your server.

Version 1.4

- Added configurable features to mask over formatted names in the death messages and remove formatting in the tab list.

- Fixed '&' symbols always being replaced with '§'. They now only replace when used in the context of a formatting code.

- Plugin is now compiled and compatible with Java 6

Version 1.3.4

- Added a safeguard for values in groups.txt and players.txt, making it impossible to disconnect clients from prefixes / suffixes larger than 16 in the configs.

- Fixed a bug with defining in-game variables surrounded by quotes.

Version 1.3.3:

- Fixed the formatting code symbol not correctly saving to the players.txt file.

- Updated plugin version (for the first time) in the plugin.yml

Version 1.3.2:

- Fixed the reload command not properly refreshing groups.

Version 1.3.1:

- Removed debug messages that were not really usefull.

Version 1.3:

- Allowed offline users to have their nametag edited.

- Added a players.txt file to store player's custom prefixes and suffixes

- Added a reload command

- Fixed a serious multi-world issue causing clients to crash when logging into a different world with a nametag.

- Formatted the help menu to be nicer

- Made prefixes and suffixes set with /ne able to override nodes assigned to groups.

- Made setting custom nametags over group nametags easier

Version 1.2:

- Allowed commands to be executed from console.

- Added custom nodes for configuring automated prefixes / suffixes.

Version 1.1:

- Fixes for 1.5.1 compatibility.

Version 1.0:

- Plugin release