This was a plugin requested by one of the users on the server I develop for so I thought why not make it public :)

What does it do?:

By typing /namecolor it will open up an organized gui(May be reorganized to make it look nicer) that has a whole bunch of stained glass panes, when you click on one(Each requires a permission) it sets the users tab name color to the respective color!


It currently has a small config as I was running low on time and wanted to type this description out. The option is a prefix for the messages which you can change to be whatever you want. When you click an item it sets the users nametag color to clicked pane color It even supports nicknames!


  • namegui.*:Gives the user every permission
  • Allows user to open the inventory via /namecolor
  • namegui.lpurple
  • namegui.aqua
  • namegui.yellow
  • namegui.lgreen
  • namegui.lgray
  • namegui.dgray
  • namegui.cyan
  • namegui.dpurple
  • namegui.dblue
  • namegui.dgreen
  • namegui.nickname: Allows the user to set their tab name to their current nickname


idk idk2


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