Name Color GUI

Name Color GUI


A simple and easy to configure plugin that allows players to change their name color through a GUI.

Those with the permission "color.set" are also able to set the name color of others.

Name colors can also be set through the console.




/colors <player>

The player option is optional



color.use  - To use the command

color.set - To set other player's name color.



Once a color is chosen, it will be stored in colors.yml:

nijabutter: '&c'

All colors displayed in the GUI can be configured in the config.yml

  enabled: true
  item: RED_WOOL
  name: &r&cRed Wool

Common Errors


Name color is not setting / sticking after logouts etc..

Try resetting the colors.yml file by deleting it and restarting the plugin. If you have other plugins, check that they do not change names and if they do read through their documentation / configurations to see if you can disable the behavior.

How do I manage permissions?

Using a permissions plugin is an easy and quick way to manage permissions.

Items are showing as cobblestone blocks and do not function

If you have changed the material of an item in the config.yml and it is invalid the plugin will display it as a cobblestone block and will disable it.

Have a look here for different material names:

I still need help

Feel free to message me or leave a reply and I will try my best to help





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