This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



This plugin is specially tailored for my own Bukkit server (private, on invite only). We wanted to have homes for each world and /home would only take you home inside the specific world you are at. In addition there are no homes in the Nether or in The End. There is also a 3 hour cooldown (soon to be configurable) on each /home use.

If you die you respawn at your home in that world. If you die in the nether or The End you will respawn at one of your homes at random. Also your coordinates and the world name are shown to everyone on the server if you die ... ;)


See Changelog Page


/sethome - to set your home at the current position you are standing at
/home - teleport to your home in your current world
/listhomes - get a list of all your homes


This plugin uses the standard permissions system provided by bukkit. By default all users have permission to use the three commands. Important: Permissions are no longer given by default, they need to be assigned to each user or group! If you want the old default behaviour assign mze.home.*

mze.home.use - use /home
mze.home.set - use /sethome
mze.home.list - use /listhomes
mze.home.* - allow/deny all user level commands
mze.home.nocooldown - allow use of /home without cooldown. This is not included in mze.home.*
mze.home.foreign.use - use other players' homes mze.home.foreign.list - list other players' homes mze.home.foreign.* - allow/deny all foreign permissions


The config file contains three settings. If no config file exists it will be created on first start with the plugin.
enabled specifies of the plugin is on or off
cooldown is the cooldown in seconds. Default is 10800 = 180 minutes
welcomeMessage is the message displayed to the user when using /home
noHomesMessage is the message displayed if you list your homes and have none
showDeathMessage: set to false if you do not want a message when a player dies


  enabled: true
  cooldown: 10800
  welcomeMessage: Welcome home!
  noHomesMessage: Sorry, you have no homes.
  showDeathMessage: true

World name mapping

The file worldMapping.conf will be created in the plugin's data directory. You can enter name mappings into the file to make the plugin display nicer world names. It has the formal of "name=displayname" and takes one of these mappings per line. The display names are used in the /listhomes display and in the death message.


world=Old Word
world_release=New World
Nether=The Underworld


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