MyWarp v2.4


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    Sep 23, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R2.0


  • Rewrote permissions again, uses superperms and superperms only to define whether a player has a permission or not
  • Added fully optional warmups, cooldowns and needed configuration
  • Added field in the database to count how often a warp was visited
  • Added simple macro system for welcome messages (%player%, %warp%, %creator%, %visits%)
  • Added possibility to invite permission groups to a warp (needs either bPermissions, PEX, Groupmanager, Vault or it won't work)
  • Fixed existing errors for MySQL users where warps higher than 125 caused trouble.

From 2.3 (pulled version)

  • Updated to be compatible with CB 1.3.1 and up (async chat stupidity)
  • New CommandHandler, should fix several old problems (big thanks to mung3r for this)
  • MyWarp downloads needed library automatically (again, big thanks to mung3r)
  • Added vault for permissions (thanks, mung3r) and fixed existing errors
  • Fixed social commands ignoring limits
  • Added total warp limit
  • Expanded list command so it's able to show warps of a given player only
  • Removed dependence on external help plugin
  • Added permission based warp limits
  • Simplified MySQL setup
  • Added checks to see if warp is safe before teleporting players to it
  • Added /warp update
  • Removed outdated /warp convert command
  • Due to inconsistence in bukkit's API this release won't work on CB 1.2.5 or older.