MyWarp allows players to create and share warps with each other. The plugin is higly flexible: you can limit the number of warps player can create, charge for using warps, implement cooldowns or warmups, and more.


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Note: MyWarp is compatible with every version of Spigot/Bukkit released since 1.7.10. It rarely needs to be updated for new Minecraft versions. When in doubt, try a development build.


  • Create public and private warps.
  • Invite players or whole permission groups to warps.
  • Use buttons or pressure plates to teleport to warps.
  • Limit the number of warps players can create via permissions.
  • Charge users for creating or using warps (via Vault).
  • Use cooldowns and warmups for warps.
  • Translate or change every message that your players might see.
  • Store warps in an SQL-Database (H2, SQLite, MySQL).
  • Supports every Bukkit version from 1.7.10 to current.

MyWarp is highly customisable, enable only what you need. Disabled functions will never impact your server’s performance.

More Information

The documentation can be found in our wiki. If you still have questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us. To get a fast response, it is recommended to open a ticket.

The changelog can be found here.


The project was started in January 2011 by Taylor “tkelly” Kelly and later continued by Arthur “flames” Mayer and Andy “spathzilla” F. Since early 2012 it is maintained by thee.

MyWarp is available on GitHub under GPL3.


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