What is MyTokens

MyTokens is a plugin designed to be easy to use and very powerful. It currently supports 2 ways users can get tokens with a random drop chance and all drop chances and amounts are changeable. Currently you can get Tokens from Block breaking and PVP (Both can be turned on and off).

  • The shop in MyTokens is completely hard coded into the plugin with the ability to edit the shops.yml file to override the default shop (Up to 53 items can be in the shop)
  • The drop rates can be changed and updated on the fly in the config.yml
  • The Plugin separates admin and user commands to be easier for server admins to do permissions
  • MyTokens has a full in-depth config.yml with the ability to enable and disable features, you can over ride nearly anything and everything about how the tokens work

Important News

We are working on a way for you to import tokens from other tokens plugins into our system! Below is a list of supported Token Configs you can import once beta is released!

  • OPTokens
  • VirtualTokens
  • TokensCurrency
  • TokenShop


Important links

Config Files - Default Config Values

To-Do List - To-Do List

Old Verson 1.5 or lower News

Version 1.7 will import and update your users tokens from the old Tokens.yml system when they join


This plugin uses MCStats to track plugin usage the following is what is tracked:

  • Player count
  • Operating System Version & Name
  • Amount of ram and Amount of processors you have currently on your machine

To disable this you can disable it in the file PluginMetrics/config.yml (By changing line opt-out: false to opt-out: true)


MYT Command Permisisons (Public) - Allows users to open the shop interface

mytokens.myt.bal - Allows users to view the balance

mytokens.myt.give - Allows users to give each other tokens - Allows users to view the MYT command's help page

MyTokens Command Permisisons (Admin)

mytokens.admin.give - Allows you to give tokens to users

mytokens.admin.reload - Allows you to reload the plugins config

mytokens.admin.reset - Allows you reset a user to 0 tokens quickly

mytokens.admin.take - Allows you to take tokens from a user

mytokens.admin.enableblocks - Enable or disable blocks

mytokens.admin.nopay - Bypass price in shop

mytokens.admin.userbal - See another users balance


MYT Commands (Public)

/myt - Opens the shop

/myt ? or help - Opens up MYT Help list

/myt breakable - See what blocks drop what tokens (Also if admin enable or disable blocks)

/MYT Give Username Amount - Allows user to give other users tokens

MyTokens Commands (Admin)

/mytokens - Opens the MyToken Admin help list

/mytokens reload - Reloads the plugin

/mytokens reset username - Allows you to reset a user to 0 tokens

/MyTokens Give Username Amount - Allows you to give a user tokens

/MyTokens Take Username Amount - Allows you to take tokens from a user

/MyTokens bal Username - See another users balance

Stuff In Progress

  • Kill throttle to fix the same kill to get tokens - 90%
  • Update the to fix a minor flaw in the itemmeta - Finished
  • Fix the reflection used to make items glow - Finshed
  • Minor updates to the shop code to make shop order to be easier to understand - Finished
  • Interface to view what blocks a user can break (/myt blocks) - Finished
  • PVE Token drops - Finished*
  • PVP Token drops patched (Within the Kill Throttle) - Finished
  • Database support (MySQL and SQLite) - Finished

Preview Images

The above image is a preview of the ordering feature

1.7 only feature showing the blocks that are breakable

Wish to contribute?

Fork the code @ My Github

- I am looking for someone who wishes to help out with coding the plugin :3 -

Servers that use MyTokens!

- If you want your server added drop me a message!

Found a Bug?

If you find a bug please report it under the "Tickets" area on this page as it keeps the comments clean and makes fixing problems easier


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