MythicMobs v1.1.8


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    Dec 21, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R1.0




Updated MythicMobs with 1.8 support.


Added /mm spawners cut [search_string], /mm spawners paste and /mm spawners undo commands.

These commands can be used to move large amounts of spawners at once while retaining their relative position. It can even be used to move them to other worlds. (Cuts and pastes in the same way that WorldGuard would)

[search_string] can accept a number of expected inputs. Here are some examples:

  • /mm spawners cut g:BoneCastle - cuts all spawners in the BoneCastle group
  • /mm spawners cut r:200 - cuts all spawners in a 200 block radius
  • /mm spawners cut Elementals_* - cuts all spawners with names starting with Elementals_
  • /mm spawners cut * - cuts ALL spawners in the world

/mm spawners paste moves the spawners. You can do it multiple times but the paste will overwrite any previous pastes with the same cut since spawners still require their unique names preserved.

/mm spawners undo will undo the last spawners you cut and put them back where they originally were when you did the cut as long as you still have the same spawners selected.


Added new 1.8 mobs for 1.8 servers! Please use the latest 1.8 Spigot build or these will not work.


Creates a Mythic Armor_Stand. Do with it what you will.

ARMOR_STAND options:

  • Options.HasArms: (true/false)
  • Options.HasGravity: (true/false)
  • Options.Small: (true/false)
  • Options.Invisible: (true/false)
  • Options.ItemHead: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemBody: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemLegs: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemFeet: [MythicItem Name]
  • Options.ItemHand: [MythicItem Name]





Bug Fixes/Other

  • Particle effects can now be seen from much further away on 1.8
  • Fixed some errors with AI on certain Bukkit versions
  • Fixed a bunch of assorted NPE errors
  • Fixed various other minor bugs

**<<color red>>NOTICE: v1.1.x contains major re-written mob spawning code. Most mob configs will still work normally except most mobs containing the words "angry" or "baby" will no longer work. "Angry" and "Baby" have been separated into options (Angry, Age and AgeLock respectively) because they were not really mob types. Real mob variants such as BABY_ZOMBIE will still work.<</color>>**

Several system rewrites in this build to improve performance. Please submit all bugs you find to the bug tracker.

Angry and Baby mob variants not working is NOT a bug. Those have been moved to options!