MythicMobs v1.1.0 Beta 1


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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


v1.1.0 Beta 1

NOTICE: v1.1.0 contains major re-written mob spawning code. Most mob configs will still work normally except most mobs containing the words "angry" or "baby" will no longer work. "Angry" and "Baby" have been separated into options (Angry, Age and AgeLock respectively) because they were not really mob types. Real mob variants such as BABY_ZOMBIE will still work.

New Features

AI Controls

  • Ability to clear, add to and modify a mob's AI Pathfinder Goals
  • Ability to clear, add to and modify a mob's AI TargetSelector Goals
  • Available AI goals can be found here.
  • Tutorial is available here.

Mob Factions

  • Mobs can now be marked with a Faction attribute
  • Mob AI controls include new custom Pathfinder goals to make mobs attack other mobs that are not in the same faction
  • Mobs in the same faction will never attack each-other.

Threat Tables

  • Added Threat Tables
  • Added Mob option UseThreatTable, defaults to false.
  • Added config.yml option for disabling Threat Tables entirely.
  • Added onEnterCombat, onDropCombat, and onTargetChange triggers for mobs with threat tables enabled.

Mobs with Threat Tables enabled will behave more like mobs in RPG games. Each player in combat with the mob has a threat value based on their damage done to the mob, and the mob will target the player who has done the most damage to it (allowing for roles like "tanks").

Threat diminishes for players who are out of line-of-sight or out of range of the mob for too long.

The API will include methods for "taunting" and modifying player threat.

Mob Options

Added lots of new options...


  • Options.Age: [integer] - Sets the mob's age.
  • Options.AgeLock: [true/false] - Locks the mob's age.


  • Options.SuperCharged: [true/false] - Sets if the creeper is supercharged.


  • Options.Tameable: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob can be tamed.


  • Options.Saddled: [true/false] - Sets if the pig is saddled.

Pig Zombies + Variants

  • Options.Angry: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob starts out as angry or not.


  • Options.PreventBlockInfection: [true/false] - Prevents block infection, should actually work now...


  • Options.PreventSnowFormation: [true/false] - Keeps the mob from forming snow.


  • Options.Angry: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob starts out as angry or not.
  • Options.Tameable: [true/false] - Determines whether the mob can be tamed.

Zombies + Variants

  • Options.ReinforcementsChance: can be a number between 0 and 1.0 with 1 being a 100% chance to spawn reinforcements on taking damage.


  • Added EntitiesInRadius:radius:radiusY option for effect targets
  • Added ThreatTargets option for effect targets


New Triggers

  • Added onInteract - Fires when a player right-clicks the mob
  • Added onEnterCombat - Fires when a mob enters combat. (Requires ThreatTables to be enabled)
  • Added onDropCombat - Fires when a mob drops combat. (Requires ThreatTables to be enabled)
  • Added onTargetChange - Fires when a mob changes targets. (Requires ThreatTables to be enabled)

New Skills

  • Added AIRunGoalSelector skill - Modifys the mob's AI Goal Selector with the given string

- airungoalselector 'AI STRING'

  • Added AIRunTargetSelector skill - Modifys the mob's AI Target Selector with the given string

- airuntargetselector 'AI STRING'

  • Added Disguise skill - Changes the mob's disguise, uses the same format as the Disguise option

- disguise [disguise_string]

  • Added Jump skill - Makes the mob jump

- jump [vertical_strength]:<horizontal_strength>

  • Added Leap skill - Makes the mob leap through the air to its target.

- leap

  • Added Volley skill - Fires a volley of arrows

- volley [#_of_arrows]:[arrow_speed]:[arrow_spread]:<fire_ticks>

Skill Changes

  • Damage skill will now target non-player entities if the mob's target is that entity.
  • DamageAll will now behave as expected if radius is 0.


  • Added /mm s resettimers [name] command to reset cooldown and warmup timers


  • Added MythicMobSpawnEvent

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed a bug where MythicMobs would not always activate skills when attacking other MythicMobs.
  • Fixed bug with onAttack skills causing recursion when using damage-causing abilities
  • Fixed a bug that caused the onExplode trigger to not always work
  • Fixed some bugs with the preventSuicide option not retaining mob data after preventing a the mob's death
  • Fixed a bug with projectile skill causing projectiles to not always do the configured damage
  • Fixed a couple NullPointerExceptions

Several system rewrites in this build to improve performance. Please submit all bugs you find to the bug tracker.

Angry and Baby mob variants not working is NOT a bug. Those have been moved to options!