MythicMobs v0.12.2


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    Jun 23, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


Beta Release v0.12.2

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed the onKillPlayer trigger executing meta skills properly

Beta Release v0.12.1

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed the onKillPlayer trigger
  • Fixed an error being thrown when players were killed by MythicMobs
  • Fixed spawners no longer functioning when a Spawn Radius wasn't set

Beta Release v0.12.0

Massive Performance Boost

v0.12.0 has had a lot of components optimized for better speed, and most large servers that have complex mobs should see a noticeable TPS gain.

New Features

Drop Conditions

All conditions can now be used in drop tables using the following format:

  - biome BEACH
  - WaterloggedArmor 1 0.01

Item Lore Improvements

  • You can now specify a number range in item lores, such as {5-10}, that will come out as a random number in that range when the item is generated.

New Configs

Added the following configs to config.yml for some better compatibility with certain plugins:

  heroes-show-xp-message: true
  heroes-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
  mcmmo-show-xp-message: true
  mcmmo-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
  skillapi-show-xp-message: true
  skillapi-xp-message-format: You receive $xp experience for slaying $mobname
  vault-show-money-message: true
  vault-money-message-format: You receive $money for slaying $mobname

Plugin Compatibility

Lib's Disguises

Using Lib's Disguises + ProtocolLib together with MythicMobs unlocks the Disguise mob option. This allows you to disguise any mob as another entity, including players, falling blocks, items, and minecarts. This effectively allows you to create player mobs and hostile fauna (example: disguising a zombie as a cow, so you end up having a cow attacking things).

  Mobtype: pigzombie
  Display: 'Angry Pig'
  Health: 30
  Damage: 5
    Disguise: pig


Several new effects have been added that require EffectsLib to be installed.


McMMO is now supported!

Mobs can give McMMO experience as a drop in drop tables using the format mcmmo-exp [amount]

New Skills

  • CommandRing - Executes a command for all players within a "ring" around the mob

- cmdring min_radius:max_radius:'command'

New Skill Triggers

  • onPlayerKill - Triggers when the mob kills a player.

New Mob Options

  • HorseSaddled: (true/false)
  • HorseArmor: (iron/gold/diamond)

New Spawner Options

  • HealOnLeash (true/false) - If true, mobs will heal to full upon being leashed by a spawner
  • SpawnRadius - Spawn Radius already existed, but it should actually work now!

New Effects

  • ParticleRing - Creates a ring of particle effects consisting of ring_points points around the target with radius ring_radius

- effect boss particlering particle_name:ring_radius:ring_points:horizontalspread:verticalspread:count:<speed>:<y-offset>

  • ParticleSquare - Creates a square of particles around the target with radius square_radius

- effect boss particlesquare particle_name:square_radius:horizontalspread:verticalspread:count:<speed>:<y-offset>

New Conditions

  • haspotioneffect [potion_effect]:<level_number_range>
  • holding [material]
  • inblock [material]
  • lightlevel [number_range]
  • lightlevelabove [integer]
  • lightlevelbelow [integer]
  • mobtype [list,of,bukkit,mob,types]
  • playerkills [number_range] - matches the number of players the mob has killed

Bug Fixes/Other

  • MobType is now case-insensitive
  • You can now use the notation mobname:level when creating spawners
  • Rewrote a large part of the item and drop-table systems for better performance and to add new features
  • Added support for splitting Heroes XP based on Heroes' party system
  • Fixed variables not being processed in $mobname inside of message skills
  • Fixed mob tracker to correctly track mobs with their level in their display name after a server restart.
  • Fixed moblevel attribute not saving on spawners
  • Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException error being thrown by certain Timer skills
  • Fixed errors with the Rally skill when the mob didn't have a proper target
  • Fixed a bug with null lore in certain items
  • Fixed a recursion bug involving mounts and compatibility mode spawning multiple mounts
  • Fixed a bug in the Summon skill's positioning logic
  • Fixed a bug with Mythic Spawners where the Warmup timer did not persist through reloads
  • Fixed height condition
  • Fixed level condition
  • Fixed an error thrown when a mob type isn't specified in the /mm mob spawn command
  • Fixed null pointer error thrown in ChunkUnloadEvent
  • Fixed null pointer error thrown in EntityDeathEvents
  • Fixed dashes displaying properly in mob strings
  • Fixed spawning mobs at specific location using command not working in some cases
  • Delayed skills will now execute after a mob dies if the onDeath trigger was used. This does mean it is possible to put strain on your server with an infinite loop if you have an onDeath skill call itself, so doing that isn't a good idea.