This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

What is this?
This is Plugin for edit item like ItemLoreStats and RPG-Items

Why must this plugin?
When i look around server, i always meet item that overpowered and not supported to complex plugin like mythicmob and skillapi, and the looks of all item is same that makes boring.
So, i made this plugin for the solution. This plugin have auto damage calculation in config and can change the view up to you.

Custom Effect:
Because pure vanilla potion, stats, and effect is too flat. i change the main data configuration so all effect of stats from vanilla is better when using this plugin. I also add custom stats like "Freeze, Curse, and Roots"

Logo Desainer: Asfarul

- This plugin for 1.9.x and 1.10.x
- Feature NBT-Tags only allowed for version 1.9.4

✔ NMS NBT Attributes
✔ Display Name
✔ Lores
✔ ItemFlags
✔ Enchantment
✔ Custom Attributes:
- Custom Lore Stats Attributes
- Buffs Attributes (sum-able)
- Ability Attributes
✔ Vanilla Potion Status Modifier
✔ Damage Modifier (support all plugin for damage modifier, and mob damage. And configurable in config files)
✔ Full Config [If you dont like lore from my own you can change from config :D]
✔ TabCompleter (just press [tab] if you dont understand use the command)
✔ SoundEffect (All features full with sound effect, make the plugin more colorful)
✔ ParticleEffect (Each ability have their own particle effect, that make the display more amazing)
✔ Database (Save your item with command /myitems save <nameId>)

Command List
- /myitems:mi <detail/reload/save/load/remove>
- /attributes:att <stats/buffs/ability/nbt>
- /setname <name>
- /addlore [<lore>]
- /setlore <line> <lore>
- /removelore <line>
- /addenchant <level> <enchantment>
- /removeenchant <enchantment>
- /addflag <flags>
- /removeflag <flags>
- /unbreakable [<true/false>]

Permission: "myitems.admin"

Please rate and comment what do you want for the next update,
If you like this plugin you can donate so i will make the update much faster.


Next Big Update: [Version 2]

  • Add Power Command & Power Shoot
    • Requirement:
  • Total Download Reach 250 [✘]
  • Total Rate 20 [✘]
  1. Tags: lore, lores, custom lore, lore stats, nbt, nbt attributes, unbreakable, enchantment, item flags, database, damage, custom damage, vanilla, vanilla damage, mob damage, buffs, ability, tools and utility, system damage, custom stats
  1. Send me a message if you found any bug, or want to give me a suggestion.
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. FB:


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