Hello everyone i know you guys have been waiting for an update but i have actually had some close family deaths so i gave all my skype and bukkit account to one of my friends and i know he turned you down and sorry for that but for now on i will be getting a ton new minecraft / bukkit plugin out there for you guys so you can use them and enjoy them...

Core Features:

  • Randomized Loot Boxes ( /Give )
  • Great for donator packages!
  • Can be used as a reward system!
  • Easy to use!
  • Simple Commands


/myst give <player> <Crate Amount> : Gives player crates. /myst open : Opens the crates. /myst send <player> <amount> : sends them some of your crates.


due to the last version the config sucked i decided to not be able to change the items in the config so i got in a call with some big server owners even hypixel and some other youtubes and stuff and we decides to pick the best items for this plugin if you would like other items added in the futare please leave me a message or pm me or add me on skype at GladiatorGalaxy.

Change log:


Version sucked


Version ROCKSSS!

Help and Support:

For any help and support please contact [email protected] or send a PM to me on the forums!

Help Buy Me Cookies

if you want your server ip advertises please donate to this email (Paypal) : [email protected] if you do i will put your server here please send me a note in paypal saying your server ip and your donating for the mysterycrates plugin...


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