Face your Skull

With MySkull you can give any Skull a custom face using a very simple command. For the first, you place the skull, then you target the crossfade on the skull and type in the command /myskull set <playername>. Now the skull takes the face from the given player.

Why it's useful?

For example: You have a Minecraft Server with a hotel for new players. For better assignment you can put a custom Skull on every room door in the hotel ;) Now you can see, which players are currently living in the hotel rooms.

Available Commands

Currently only one command is included.

  • /myskull set <player>

Available Permissions

One command, one permission ... ;)

  • myskull.set

Planned features

  • The command /myskull create [player] for creating a skull (on targeted position)

New ideas are welcome! :-) Enjoy this plugin!


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