This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


MyRoleplay - Complex jobs/classes for your server! [1000-1337]

Do you want people to have jobs on your server? Do you want to have some kind of leveling up system? If you answered yes too both these questions MyRoleplay is perfect for you! MyRoleplay enhances the RPG experience with multiple jobs, different special abilities for each job, an xp gaining system, and much more! This plugin allows your players to pick their class/job and gain xp for doing the things the class/job is meant to do and if they fulfill their duties they will level up! ALL PERMISSIONS ARE SUPPORTED! If you find any bugs please post the full log of the error in a thread on this post. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A FORK OF THIS PLUGIN -

Features -

-MultiWorld compatible

-4 different jobs/classes

-Permissions support

-Leveling up based on xp

-When no permissions is found it defaults to OP

Commands -

rpg help (displays all commands available to you)

rpg classes (displays all available classes)

rpg see [ClassName] (displays info about the specified class)

rpg class [ClassName] (selects that certain class to be your class)

rpg admin (displays a list of admin/op commands)

For all the possible commands type /rpg help

Permissions -

rpg.player.* (all basic player commands)

rpg.admin.* (all admin commands) (lets players view the help menu)

rpg.player.ClassName (replace ClassName with the name of the class and this will allow that player to use that certain class)

rpg.admin.setexp (allows admins to set players xp/level)

Upcoming Features -

- Right click signs and get that class (already in the next version!)

- 2 more classes

- More skills

Known Bugs -

- Currently none but I HIGHLY recommend to not use the reload command

Credits -

Technius - Solved a small bug

Me - Coded everything!

Changelog -

0.1 - Release

Downloads -

MyRoleplay -


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