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Welcome to MyMenu!

MyMenu allows for the creation of interactive chests (Menus) that can be used by both the admins and the players. These menus have extreme customization and everything can be set up from in game. Menus can contain any item you want to put into them, and each item can have a different displayname, the option to run a command, the option to send the player a message, or the option to be unclickable and just show the player information.

Getting Started:

  • Getting started with the plugin is easy, there are two main things that can be done to get help.
    • Click on "Setting It Up" for instructions on how to install and set up your first menu.
    • Watch the videos further down on this page as a guide to getting started.

Plugin Features:

General Features

  • Easy to use - User friendly.
  • Most, if not all things are done in game.
  • Highly custom.
  • Full color/format support for anything that could be colored.

Specific Features

  • Menus:
    • Custom menu size.
    • Custom menu items.
    • Custom menu inventory size.
  • Menu Items:
    • New feature: Materials with damage properties (Such as colored wool).
    • Custom item names.
    • Custom item lore (Up to 10 lines of item lore)
    • Custom item amount.
    • Custom commands (May run up to 10 commands when clicked!)
    • Toggle usability - You don't have to run any commands.
  • Commands for Menu Items:
    • Send a message instead of run a command.
    • Command {WILDCARDS} - Basically just placeholders for certain data values. A full list can be found under "Setting it up"


Getting started with MyMenu:

Video Credits: BlazeX344

Video/Review in Russian - Video Credits: Alexwin32

Want to have your video on this page? PM me with the link.

Planned and Upcoming Features:

Planned FeaturePlanned Release Time
Per-World menus.Soon
Per-Group menus.Soon
Option to add Menu Item costs.Really soon
Option to add limited use of certain menu items.Later
Option to add limited use of certain menus.Later
Option to block certain players from using a menu.Soon
Many more are planned, but are not listed.N/A


  • [-] Reached 1,000 Downloads - November 2014
  • [-] Reached 2,500 Downloads - June 2015
  • [-] Reached 5,000 Downloads - July 2016
  • [ ] Reached 10,000 Downloads

This Plugin Uses an In-Game Updater:

  • The In-Game Updater will automatically check for an update every time your server starts or reloads.
  • It will notify the console of any updates that are available.
  • It will notify players with the permission "MyMenu.admin.update" of any updates.
  • To automatically update from in-game run the command: /update mymenu
  • To disable this plugin from checking for updates:
    1. Go to your plugins folder.
    2. Open the MyMenu folder.
    3. Open the config.yml.
    4. Set CheckForUpdates to false.

This Plugin Uses Plugin Metrics:

  • PluginMetrics is an API for developers to use to anonymously collect data about plugin usage. Your server cannot be identified by it's IP and it does not infringe your privacy whatsoever. Common plugins such as Essentials, Dynmap, Vault, and CoreProtect, as well as many others use this as well.
    • You may view their site and see what plugins collect at
  • To Opt-Out (Disable it from collecting data about plugin usage):
    1. Go to your plugins folder.
    2. Open the Plugin Metrics folder.
    3. Open the config.yml.
    4. Set opt-out to true.

Known Bugs:

  • None as of yet.

Experience any bugs? Have an idea for improvement?

  • Please report any bugs you find in the comments or PM me! It would greatly benefit others who use this plugin as well as yourself.
  • Feel free to post any ideas for improvement or things you think should be changed.


If you enjoy this plugin, please consider donating! It is a great way to show thanks and promote further development of the plugin.


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